Widespread Child Sex Abuse by Muslim Men in Telford, UK

Nothing makes my blood boil more than stories like this. This is a child sex ring in the town of Telford in the UK. Apparently a couple of Muslim men took children from the town and sexually abused them. This has gone on for years, and the authorities are just now beginning to understand the scope of the crime. There are preliminary estimates that more than 200 men were involved in sexually abusing up to 1000 children. Again, these are early estimates.

Apparently this has been going on for several years. Children and now-adult women are letting the authorities know that they were victimized, and the numbers appear to be overwhelming. 

This also occurred in 2012 in Shropshire. It was a big, big scandal, and they’re still trying to recover from that horror.

We cover this because it falls within the arena of “sanctity of design”. God designed us in specific ways that reflect his intention for our lives. He has laid down specific direction on how we are to use our bodies to glorify God. That means saving ourselves for marriage, respecting the differences between men and women, and abstaining from sexual immorality. 


  1. I understand that there are child molesters in every culture. Why are the most horrific ones in England Muslim?
  2. Is there something that occurs in some Muslim cultures that accommodates this kind of criminal activity? I don’t believe most Muslims would condone this, but there are some societies, such as in Afghanistan, where it is tolerated and allowed under the radar. 
  3. Why isn’t this strongly condemned by the Muslim community and their allies? 


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Universities Keep Kicking Christian Groups Off Their Campuses

The latest among these is Wayne State University. InterVarsity student fellowship has been a mainstay of campuses across the nation for many decades. They tend to be a not only biblically based organization, but also very open to debate and discussion. They like to engage anyone regardless of what they believe. In other campuses com they have been kicked off because they require all their leaders to adhere to the biblical principle of not being sexually immoral. In other words, they require all of their leaders to be good examples. In this story, you’ll see that it’s being played out yet again.

If you are able, please give to the Alliance Defending Freedom which is representing InterVarsity.


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Family Planning and Marriage | Institute for Family Studies

My brother in law recently sent this to me. It indicates the value of being married versus cohabiting from a family planning perspective. There have been many studies showing that marriage is ultimately better for both parents and children involved. This is yet another one.

The main problem that has caused the cohabitation explosion is the advent of no fault divorce. No fault divorce cause divorce to increase tremendously within our nation. The result has been generations of young adults who wanted to avoid the divorce that they went through. As a result, many young adults decided to cohabit in order to try out marriage. This has cheapened marriage and caused it to decline. Many people now wonder why even get married.


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The Villification of Benign Christian Ministries by the Irreligious Left

In the link below, scroll further down in the article until you reach the short article at the end. It’s about a church in Louisville, Kentucky that started a coffee shop called The 930 and allowed music groups to play there. It was intended just as a way to give to the community. Secular groups were allowed to perform.

But when the LGBT community heard about it, they immediately began to prevent secular groups from playing there. They threatened those groups with blacklisting if they played there. 

It worked. The 930 eventually had to shut down. Many people were afraid to go.

This is a small incident, but it identifies a possible new tactic from the irreligious left who seem to want to expunge Christianity from society. We need to begin taking these kind of hardball tactics seriously. 


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Abortion Clinics Grind Up Remains of Aborted Babies and flush Them in the Sewer | LifeNews.com

In many communities, abortion clinics are required to dispose of aborted babies in a “humane way”. This is supposed to mean burial or cremation, but there is virtually no monitoring of this, so the abortion clinics find whatever is the most economical way of disposing of them. I’ve been outside of those clinics, and you never see smoke rising from such a clinic, so I seriously doubt they are doing any cremation in there. Also, if they were disposing of them by simply putting them in a bag and having garbage men pick them up, there would be people who would object to picking up human remains in a garbage bag. It would probably become a part of the news. I suspect most abortion clinics send the remains down the drain. Hardly “humane”.


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Wheaton College Wins Court Battle Over Obama’s Birth Control Mandate

This is actually a pretty big win. This is traditional religious freedom. Christians and other people who morally object to contraception at Wheaton College no longer have to pay for that in their insurance. There are 2 reasons Christians could object to birth control pills. One reason is that they object to separating sex from conception. That tends to be the Roman Catholic belief. Another objection is that in some cases, birth control pills can hit very early chemical abortions in a woman. It can prevent a fertilized egg/ preborn baby from implanting in the womb.

We could only hope that religious liberty will begin an expansion. We need to recover ground.


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Liberal anger at Billy Graham’s life indicates the hatred for biblically minded Christians

A generation ago, Billy Graham was revered by almost everyone in American society. Although not everybody was an evangelical Christian, they honored him for what he had done. A new generation now sees life without Christianity. And they want all vestiges of A new generation now sees life without Christianity. And they want all vestiges of biblical Christianity to be erased. See the comments that many of them made about Billy Graham. The tremendous mind shift that is taking place in our culture concerning morality is continuing.


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Forced To Resign For Her Faith, This Magistrate Sued The State And Won

This is a great story about how a Christian stuck with her beliefs and won, all while trying to be reasonable in my the process.


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Mike Pence, Tim Tebow, Tony Dungy have all been ‘Christian Shamed.’ This ugly form of bigotry must stop | Fox News

Anyone who has lived their lives publicly as a Christian has found some form of discrimination. It’s traditionally called persecution. Sometimes its mild. Sometimes it’s strong. Jesus told us to expect it.

But we live in a country where persecution for our religious beliefs is actually unconstitutional. It’s important for us to speak out against this now before we lose the right. It is becoming all too pervasive in our society right now.


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Illegal immigrant minor suggests she faced pressure to get abortion on federal dime | Fox News

Unfortunately, we see this kind of thing all the time. There are lawyers and activists who are always looking for court cases to force an issue. This appears to be one of them. I’m not sure if this is trying to push a point on immigration or abortion, but the perpetrators certainly the unborn baby. They also didn’t care about the woman’s choice..


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