One Year Later: How Trump’s Executive Order Protects Free Speech and Religious Liberty | The Stream

These were common sense regulations until the Perpetually Offended began bullying other Americans.


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The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Hate-Mongering Scam

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a misnomer. It neither fights against poverty, nor does it try to uphold U.S. Law. The SPLC was once focused on helping black Americans to find equality and justice in our country. No more. They now just want to blackball any God-fearing conservative organization and throttle their freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

The sad thing is that Amazon and other organizations listen to the SPLC. As a result, organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family are being pushed away from their traditional position in social media.

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Once Again, the Big Question: Can You Be Gay and Christian? | The Stream

Columnist Michael Brown takes a good look at this from a Christian viewpoint. I especially like his Biblical reference to how, even if we have lived in sexual sin, we are now freed from that.And it’s especially important to put any sin, sexual or not, in it’s right place.

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After 580 Days in Prison, American Pastor’s Fate Remains Uncertain

After many years of having a measure of religious freedom in turkey, Christians, there are now facing a lot of persecution. Here is a north. Carolina pastor who has been in jail for years. The good thing is that our federal government is actually standing up for it. North Carolina’s senator Thom Tillis also attended the hearing. Please pray for him.

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Phoenix stifles free speech and threatens livelihood of two courageous Christian women

Once again, Christians are threatened for their livelihood. The Perpetually Offended are attacking freedom of religion and won’t stop until all dissent is crushed.

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‘There’s No Other Explanation But God’: Teen Wakes Up After Doctors Declared Him Brain Dead | The Stream

Its stories like these that always concern me when doctors say that someone is brain dead. There have been many stories like these, where an individual suffers a severe injury or illness, goes into a non responsive state, and then becomes conscious again.

It has become commonplace when someone goes into a state of low brain activity to consider them already dead. Note in the story that the family was concerned that they weren’t being fair to the people who needed this child’s organs. I believe there is more and more of an urgency to end the lives of these unconscious people.

It’s also something that is not really talked about. It’s not considered polite to discuss whether unplugging someone from not really talked about. It’s not considered polite to discuss whether purposely ending the life of someone with low brain activity was really the right thing to do. Families are having to make this kind of decision all the time these days. Yet come as far back as the 1980s, it was considered something that you could not do.

It’s clear to me that we don’t really understand how a person might be able to recover for a situation like this. We don’t really understand what it means to be called brain dead. It’s actually a misnomer.

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When Pro Aborts Call the Pre-Born “a Baby”

Anyone who understands the science of how a baby is developed in the womb knows the reality of the humanity of the preborn child. For that reason, most people who understand this science are not in favor of abortion. There is very little to distinguish between that preborn child and us other than the amount of development that exists.

Much has been written about the comedian who spoke at the White House correspondence dinner. I don’t want to reiterate other comments about type of humor that she used. Instead, I want to draw attention to the fact that she called the preborn for what it truly is: “a baby”.

The terrible thing. Is that, Even though she knows it’s a baby and not just a clump of cells cup, she nevertheless finds it perfectly acceptable to have an abortion. We can all find some sympathy for those who still don’t understand the science and believe it’s okay to have an abortion for that that reason. But its reprehensible to actually know that it’s a baby and still flippantly say that abortion is okay. 

Many pro aborts do, in fact, know this. But they try to hide it by their comments. This comedian, however, simply spoke what most pro aborts already know: it’s a baby.


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Florida dad outraged by sexually explicit question on teen’s homework assignment | Fox News

Why would anyone think this is an appropriate question for children? Bizarre. Fire the teacher.

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Book Ban? California Bill Would Target Christian Pastors, Bookstores | Todd Starnes

Leftists in California are so controlled by the Perpetually Offended that they feel they have to ban anything that disturbs the fantasy they have created. This bill working it’s way through the California legislature would not only attack religious freedom, but also freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 

One of the advocates of the bill explains why he supports this bill: 

“The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times,” Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said during debate on the legislation. “The science is clear. The claim that the First Amendment can be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct is a fallacious argument.”

This view of the freedom of speech runs counter to the traditional understanding of the amendment. With this view of freedom of speech, all one has to do to discount another person’s view is simply to claim that it’s untrue. That can only work in a dictatorial setting. 
We should oppose this bill and anything like it that pops up in other states.

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Another Attack on Chaplains and Ministers – With a New Twist

Here’s an interesting twist to the LGBT attacks on Christian ministers. In this case, there was a marriage retreat being run by a Southern Baptist chaplain. A homosexual married couple wanted to go. What do you do?

I could foresee how this could become even worse. What if a church allowed people to sign up for a marriage retreat, and the applicant could just list their spouse. The minister may not realize that this could be a homosexual couple coming to the marriage retreat until they got there, making for an awkward situation. 

Churches and ministers will need to be very careful about how they let people sign up for activities for married couples. (Come to think about it, this could already be an issue if two people come on a retreat, but they simply aren’t married.)

To the credit of the chaplain in the story, he actually tried to let another chaplain handle a retreat that the homosexual couple could attend. That certainly seems reasonable.

What doesn’t seem reasonable is that the Army is trying to discipline the chaplain for following his own beliefs and the beliefs of his denomination.

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