Articles: Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences

This article  claims that the pill by women exposes their offspring to a higher incidence of homosexuality. Although some evidence is presented, I am still skeptical about this. The author claims that homosexuality has “exploded”, but statistics indicate that it’s incidence is still only about 4%. It this article is true, it would seem like we would have a much higher incidence.

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12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Began Transition to Female, Changed Mind Two Years Later

We have seen this before. Children who start out wanting to transition to another sex later change their minds. It’s child abuse to force them to take those hormones and go through surgery.

It’s even sadder that the LGBT crowd won’t let these children be.

No matter what strange things people may dream up, we still have to deal with “gravity”, or the laws of God set in nature. We will always be pulled in the direction of reality. It is only our selfish minds that resist the way he created the world.

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‘Cheap sex’ is making men give up on marriage, author says | Fox News

To those of us who have been paying attention, this is nothing new. But the author does put forward some good statistics.

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Top HHS Official on Obama’s Teen Sex-Ed Program: ‘More Than Disappointing’

At least some of the sex education programs for schools were well-intended. They wanted to help kids avoid pregnancies, STDs, and other unpleasantries that come with premarital sex. Unfortunately, we were also indirectly promoting sex.

This story indicates that the sex ed classes weren’t working. This is not the first report that has come out recently identifying the fact that sex education classes from the government either don’t work or actually make things worse.

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Abortion versus popular culture

Think about it: when was the last time you saw a character on TV or in the movies have an abortion? It is really quite rare. No one wants to see that in a story.


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A Wonderful Story About Saving Two Lives

And an upcoming film.


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The Ninth Circuit Just Ruled Coaches Can be Punished For Praying on a Football Field – Katie Pavlich

This continues to be the primary belief of liberals concerning freedom of religion. You are free to exercise your religion anywhere. But in public. That’s not freedom, and it’s not constitutional.

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Girl Scouts Accuse Boy Scouts of Recruiting Girls, Souring Century-Old Friendship – The New York Times

Now that all things LGBT are considered acceptable, then this was inevitable. There is really no need to distinguish between boys and girls. According to modern thought, gender is just an imagination. So why should we make any distinction at all? Why have boy scouts and girl scouts? Why not just have scouts question more? Then, boys and girls could do everything together., including on camp outs together. What could possibly go wrong?

For those who live in fantasy land, this may sound perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not reality. There is calamity that could occur common and boys and girls just don’t always have the same interests. By refusing to acknowledge these differences, we ignore the best interests of our children.

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Jews cannot build a synagogue in Sydney due to threat of violence

​What this tells us is that bullying works! Western civilization is long build certain freedoms dear, such as freedom of religion.  Yet, over the past several years, we’ve seen that this ideal is trumped by bullying. 

 One cannot speak in public against Islam without expecting backlash and even violence. One cannot speak publicly against the LGBT agenda without expecting backlash as well, even death threats. 

This makes it very difficult for a religion that does not condone bullying. But this is been true for centuries. we have always faced oppressors simply we’re trying to use intimidation and violence to silence us. 

 As Christians, we should continue to promote freedom of religion wherever we can inactivated laws. But where it cannot, we have to counter it with their own mercy and love toward our enemies.

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Celebrities who saved themselves for marriage 

It’s encouraging to know that these celebrities, some of whom are a listers, actually waited until marriage to have sex. That’s a very difficult thing to do in our society especially in the entertainment business. Heck, it’s even hard to tell your friends in high school that you plan to be a virgin until marriage. I should know. 

 But there’s a deeper issue here. Why should people care at all? Why would it even matter? If you believe that we are all just simply products of chance and matter, then why not do anything you want to at anytime? After all, nothing really matters , why not just live for ourselves? 

 Some of these are either Christian or come from a Christian background. Yet others chose to do so without any apparent Christian conviction. It shows that we all know that sex is not just a trivial matter. It’s deeply important and it needs to be reserved for the right time and right reason. Like marriage. 

 It’s good to know the conscience is not completely dead in Hollywood.–star-lydia-mclaughlin

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