Another Attack on Chaplains and Ministers – With a New Twist

Here’s an interesting twist to the LGBT attacks on Christian ministers. In this case, there was a marriage retreat being run by a Southern Baptist chaplain. A homosexual married couple wanted to go. What do you do?

I could foresee how this could become even worse. What if a church allowed people to sign up for a marriage retreat, and the applicant could just list their spouse. The minister may not realize that this could be a homosexual couple coming to the marriage retreat until they got there, making for an awkward situation. 

Churches and ministers will need to be very careful about how they let people sign up for activities for married couples. (Come to think about it, this could already be an issue if two people come on a retreat, but they simply aren’t married.)

To the credit of the chaplain in the story, he actually tried to let another chaplain handle a retreat that the homosexual couple could attend. That certainly seems reasonable.

What doesn’t seem reasonable is that the Army is trying to discipline the chaplain for following his own beliefs and the beliefs of his denomination.

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Tennessee Defunds Planned Parenthood, All Abortion Providers

Nice to see another state and PP funding.

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Booker Hounds Pompeo For Agreeing With Christianity On Gay Sex

This is how the Perpetually Offended and Progressively Intolerant would like to treat anyone who dares to accept the beliefs of a religion that has lasted for thousands of years. 

It’s so intolerant of you to not accept something I insist that you tolerate that I’m not going to tolerate your intolerance any more!

“Classical liberalism” was all in favor of free speech, even if they disagreed with it. It used to be that the ACLU would even take a few free speech cases that were in favor of conservative speech. I fail to remember any such cases they take any more.

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Trump Nominee Is Right: Planned Parenthood Kills 150,000 Girls Per Year

It is becoming more difficult for pro lifers to identify their views because of the fear that we will be attacked in ways that will affect our employment. Right now, HR departments go through Facebook entries of prospective employees to learn about them. 

As shown here, Vitter is pressed to say that she will leave her religious beliefs at home when she becomes a judge. Is she kowtowing to liberals, or is she being coy? Obviously, someone can oppose abortion on purely scientific grounds.


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Transgender Army officer Hannah Winterbourne weds actor Jake Graf – who used to be a woman

This is the second story I’ve heard of two transgendered individuals who went through their “transition” and then fell in love with another trans of the opposite sex. 

It’s unfortunate that these individuals had to go through this in order to find someone to love. If only they had met before the transition, possibly they would have fallen in love with one another and also been able to have a family. 

There’s quite a bit of irony here, but it’s sad irony. Every man and woman finds themselves feeling inadequate in their role from time to time. But stepping into the roles of husband and wife, or even father and mother give us opportunities to grow. We learn how to fill those roles, even if it’s two steps forward and one step back. 

It’s too bad that people are being encouraged to reject themselves and seek a different identity. 

Especially when there’s a God who accepts us as we are, regardless of our faults and inadequacies.

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“It Never Even Crossed My Mind That My Son Would Need a Father”

This quote came from Angelina Jolie. It’s remarkable how much fatherhood has been minimized in our culture. We’re just looked at as optional. Fathers and mothers and interchangeable, right? Not at all. Each plays an important complimentary part in a child’s life. Both are needed.

But this article and video is from Mike Rowe, telling us that fathers are needed to help guide and properly channel our boys into becoming adult men. 

God (or, for nonbelievers, millions of years of evolution) made us into men and women who become fathers and mothers. There was a reason we became so. There’s a reason we have anatomically different and emotionally different. We should celebrate that difference and allow fathers to have their place back with the family.

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Yet Another Unisex Bathroom Incident – This Time It Involves Exposure to a Child

A man exposed himself to a child in a women’s bathroom at a Chicago Target. Unfortunately, this by itself is not news – except for the fact that it was entirely avoidable. 

Because of our culture’s over-accommodation to the trans crowd, many businesses feel that they have to make their bathrooms open to anyone, regardless of sex. This is supposed to help the 0.02% of our population who might possibly feel they want to be in a different bathroom because they don’t want to live according to their biology. This endangers the much higher number of women and girls who don’t want the possibility of being flashed (or even assaulted) by a man in their restroom. 

In our society, we have people born with six fingers on one hand. It’s rare, but it happens. Yet no one is urging businesses to accommodate those people. Not even Target is making a six-fingered glove available. And six fingered people pose no threat to anyone. Yet boycotts and threats are sufficient to cause otherwise-sane people to allow men to go into women’s bathrooms. 

I have yet to hear of any trans who have been prevented by others from using a bathroom. Actually, if you’re a trans, all you have to do is go in a bathroom that would cause the least objection. You have options. 

We all want to be kind to other people, even those who have a lifestyle we may disagree with. But why does a very small part of the population have to cause a problem for a much larger part of our population – especially when they have options?

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Christian-Owned Bridal Shop Closes After Death Threats

Note the extent to which the Perpetually Offended went to try to shut these people down. Death threats for three years. Death threats against their children. They organized a couple to drive from two hours away to manufacture another accusation against them. 

It seems like they were trying to simply outlast the threats and opposition, but it just became too much.

Another tragic hit job by the Perpetually Offended against anyone who disagrees with them.


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Movie theaters cash in as Hollywood turns to God

This is not a Religious freedom issue, but if Hollywood starts to realize that there are true authentic Christians out in America, perhaps they’ll start respecting them in their films. It’s interesting that it only took a very small population to cause Hollywood to pay attention to the LGBT crowd. Christians need to band together their financial clout to show that we will support Christian movies and TV.

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Harvard punishes Christian club

This is all part of a plan to silence or eradicate any one or any group that wants to be biblically based. First, it started at Vanderbilt University, where they kicked InterVarsity off campus. It then began to occur all over the University of California system. When a Christian group would not allow those who contradict their statement of beliefs to be in leadership, the University kicked them off campus. Now, it’s happening at Harvard.

Note that this woman did not get kicked out of the Christian fellowship. She was merely told she could not be in a leadership position. This is not about discrimination. This is about a group who wants to set their own rules for leadership, just like any other group on campus.

Please give to the ADF or some other Christian legal organization.


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