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The Evolution of a Lie

Back in the 1990’s, during the Clinton administration, there was a push to put “sexual orientation” into anti-discrimination clauses everywhere. This was obviously a push by the homosexual rights movement. This was very difficult to oppose, and it spread everywhere. … Continue reading

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CNBC Moderator of GOP Debate Loves China’s One-Child Abortion Policy

It turns out that one of the moderators of the 3rd GOP debate moderators is a fan of the horrific anti-child abortion policy of the Chinese government. Read more here:

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China Eases Its One-Child Abortion Policy

For many years, Communist China has forced all married couples to be restricted to one offspring. Failure to comply could result in reduced benefits to your work group or possibly a forced abortion. There are Chinese couples who have come … Continue reading

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More Forced Indoctrination for a Christian Following Their Faith

We’ve heard other stories like this one. A homosexual rights activist gets shocked, shocked that someone would not want to help them further their message. It’s a Christian t-shirt printer. They could easily go elsewhere, but they force this Christian into … Continue reading

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Joe Kennedy Stands Tall When He Kneels

Following the Supreme Court-mandated Separation of Church from Society, there are many groups who seem to be jumping on that bandwagon to try to eliminate any expression of the Christian faith that appears in public. Standing tall against this rising … Continue reading

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