NASA bans the word ‘Jesus’

As you will read here, banning the word Jesus came suddenly unexpectedly and without warning. It was as if it is not been done before . Obviously, there are new people who are exerting their control over speech in the workplace . This is never been challenged before, so why now?

There are two possible sources of this . One may be the resurgence of atheism in our country which seems to have gone on a mission of removing all references to Christianity within our country. However, it is more likely that it’s just simply a misunderstanding of what freedom of religion means. Because the twisted modern definition of separation of church and state has been in the minds of newer generations , many seem to feel that it means no religious expression at all in the public eye. It will take quite a bit of work to undo these perceptions in our culture .

Many thanks to Todd Starnes for finding many of these instances of oppression against Christians in the US .

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