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Trump: “There Has To Be Some Form Of Punishment” For Women Who Have Abortions

This is yet another reason not to. He doesn’t understand the issue and why so many women are hurting from their own abortion.

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Christianity thrives in Iran despite severe persecution

It’s wonderful to see Christianity thrive in such place. The economy is terrible , so many people are in a bad way. Plus, Islam does not provide the answers people are looking for. Turning to Christ has been the answer … Continue reading

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Georgia Gov Vetoes Bill Allowing Clergy To Refuse To Perform Gay Weddings So Atlanta Can Keep The Super Bowl… | Weasel Zippers

Because, in the long run, the Super Bowl is more important than religious liberty… right?

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Some Questions for Those Who Oppose NC HB2

Until a few months ago, the city of Charlotte had the same anti-discrimination language used by the rest of the state. Now, they have the same anti-discrimination language that they had before they passed the city ordinance. Were you angry … Continue reading

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Objections from the Ill-Informed

One of the things that always happens to the Perpetually Offended is that they live off of rage. They often live off of other peoples’ rage. If someone else is offended, then they become offended as well. They don’t need … Continue reading

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Father Banned from Taking his Son To Church Because Ex-Wife is Muslim

Note that he hasn’t converted, but just wants to attend their activities.

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ISIS carries out Good Friday crucifixion of Catholic priest Tom Uzhunnalil in Yemen

First, kill unarmed people helping the elderly, then crucify one of them. Only cowards kill the defenseless.

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Campus Free Speech Bill Readied For Short Session – Carolina Journal

After HB2, look to see the Perpetually Offended protest about this. They will say it protects hate speech. But Christians know they have to watch what they say on campus.

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BREAKING: Explosion At Crowded Park In Lahore Pakistan UPDATE: Blast Happened In Area Children Were Playing UPDATE: Park was Holding Easter Event For Pakistani ChristiansUPDATE: Blast May Have Targeted Christians UPDATE: Death Toll Now 60, Mostly Women And Children… | Weasel Zippers

Imagine taking your kids to an Easter egg hunt and having this explosion. Pakistani Christians love their families too. They need our prayers and support.

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Dutch Police Arrest Terror Suspect Who Was In Process Of Planning Attack

Notice the signs. These people probably don’t have a coexist bumper sticker on their Camry…

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