The Bullies of Charlotte

So how did we get to the point that people would get arrested because over public bathrooms?

Well, it’s complicated, so hang on.

On February 22, Charlotte passed an ordinance that added marital status, familiar status, and gender expression to the list of items businesses cannot discriminate against. It is unclear how all of those new items would apply, or the reason for their inclusion. The gender expression item, however, lead to the most opposition because it brought up the possibility that a man could use a women’s bathroom or vice versa.

Unsurprisingly, those who support the Charlotte ordinance are typically those who support the homosexual agenda.

But why would they care about which bathroom they use?

Not long ago, transgenders were those who actually went through surgical procedures to change their genitalia and other physical aspects so that they looked like the opposite sex. The surgery was often considered a somewhat extreme course of action, and there were few who actually took that route. So instead, many of those who are considered “transgender” merely consider themselves to be another gender. Those people may or may not actually change their appearance or behavior, yet they consider themselves to be transgender.

Did you get that? You don’t even have to dress like the opposite gender, nor do you have to act differently, but if a man just “feels pretty” one day, he can use the women’s bathroom. This is what passes as logic these days. This is what one political party hangs their collective hat on.

The primary concern is that women could find a man in their bathroom, depriving them of their privacy and possibly endangering them. The news media tell us that this has never happened anywhere, but it happened in Seattle on February 16. See The number of women and girls who would potentially suffer loss of privacy is much greater than the very, very small number of “transgenders” who would feel that they were not allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.

Yet, the homosexual and liberal forces say this is beyond the pale. They say that this is inexcusable. Transgenders will be “bullied”.

Quite frankly, if someone wants to use a different bathroom, all they really need to do is dress differently and act a little differently. I daresay that no one is going to ask to check that person’s birth certificate before they can enter a bathroom.

It’s really not an issue, but the perpetually offended have made it an issue.

They love to use the word “bully”. Bully, bully, bully. If they say it enough, it must be true. Since we all can remember negative experiences with bullies as kids, the perpetually offended love to use that phrase to get sympathy. No matter what happens, they will always cast themselves as the ones who are being bullied.

But there’s a problem here. The actual Charlotte ordinance is not just about bathrooms. It’s about nondiscrimination against gender expression and gender identity, which brings us to the whole problem about Christian businesses refusing to participate in a homosexual wedding. The Charlotte ordinance would tell Christian businesses and employees that they have to do things that run counter to their deeply held religious beliefs.

And in all the cases where this has occurred, a homosexual couple that wants flowers, a cake, or a venue for their wedding only has to go to another business. There are lots of businesses that would be glad to handle their weddings. Those are the ones who don’t care about religious beliefs. But these couples aren’t interested in going elsewhere. They want to punish those with religious beliefs.

Now that is what I call bullying.

In case no one has noticed, anti-discrimination clauses have long stated that no one can discriminate against religious beliefs. Plus, that’s an amendment to the Constitution. Yet, somehow, gender identity and gender expression are allowed to trump religious beliefs in the eyes of many.

The Governor and the NC General Assembly felt, quite rightly, that no city should start redefining what discrimination is on their own. They didn’t pass a law that specifically spoke against transgenders or gays or about how one can select a bathroom. They simply said that no city can redefine what discrimination is. Although some may feel that isn’t right, NC state law specifically says that the state has the overriding decision in matters such as this. There have been multiple court cases along these lines in the past number of decades. The legislature is well within its rights to pass such a law.

So when the NC General Assembly passed a law this week that blocked the Charlotte ordinance, the perpetually offended cried high-pitched whiny screams everywhere. Plus, they began to put pressure on their allies to bully North Carolina to reverse themselves. The NBA says they may move the All Star game. Some businesses are considering moving conventions.There are rumblings that the Federal government may block some funding because of this.


This is similar to what is happening in Georgia, which is considering a similar bill. The NFL says that Atlanta may not get to host a Super Bowl. Disney and Marvel may not allow any more movies to be filmed in Georgia.

Bullies, bullies, bullies. That’s what you are. How do you like it now?


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