Bad tip or just another hoax?

Although it’s very possible that this instant actually occurred as stated, it may also be just another hoax from the perpetually offended. We’ve seen this before where someone wants to simply stir up and agitate , and so they will make up some incident that didn’t actually happen. It is happened so often, that it seems to be the modus operandi of many of these groups.

Nevertheless, it could have happened. But it is interesting to note that this activist , and she is an activist, no to host any received slight on the Internet, where actions like this are considered to be the absolute worst. This waitress herself says that this was the worst possible thing that could have been done to her. Actually, there are much worse things. If the worst thing that ever happens to this woman is to receive a Bible reference rather than a tip, then things are truly not very bad for the LGBT community.

Also, note that she says that there’s a lot of hate in Charlotte right now. Yet more hyperbole to try to make this situation much bigger than it actually is.

And, of course there is the fact that she called this “hateful “. “Hate” is synonymous with “disagree” among the perpetually offended. Disagreement should be able to occur in a democracy without simply referring to it as hate, but then we are talking about the perpetually offended, who will do anything to vilify their opponents.

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