Another challenge filed to Mississippi gay marriage law

So much has been happening about North Carolina’s bathroom privacy law, that it’s easy to forget Mississippi’s law that is also under challenge. This is actually more important because it is trying to protect religious freedom , whereas North Carolina’s law is all about simply recognizing two genders related to bathroom use.

This law is somewhat similar to the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed during the Bill Clinton years. That law was supposed to protect religious freedom. As we have seen, freedom of religion in the public square has eroded tremendously. Instead of being able to have freedom of expression for our religious views in the public square, we are being marginalized to the edges of society.

The Mississippi law is trying to allow those with deeply held religious believes to be able to refuse services to individuals based on their beliefs. This is similar to conscientious object doors who do not have to serve on the frontline in the military. Our country has allowed that for a long time, but there are forces within our country that no longer want to allow conscientious objectors.

The Mississippi law is being vilified in the same way that the North Carolina law is being vilified . However, the Mississippi law is about protecting freedom of religion. If this fails, it would appear that there is no longer a First Amendment.

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