Stunner: Gay, Bisexual Men, Transgender Women at ‘High Risk for HIV’

During Obama’s proclamation of June as LGBT month, he also drew attention to the fact that gay men are have very high rates of HIV infection. This is like saying drug addicts have a high tendency to be adversely affected by drugs. It is unfortunate to have to point this out, but anal sex makes you much more susceptible to contracting HIV. And anal sex is the primary type of sex gays have. Our bodies were not made for anal sex. Our biology is against it.

The high rate of infection among case is not due to prejudice and suppression. Homosexuality is celebrated today rather than shunned. It is not due to lack of medical research. We provide more research funding for HIV/AIDS and practically any other type of illness. The high rate of infection is simply due to the prevalence of anal sex among gays.

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