Cherry-Picking Scripture

Obama uses the scriptural Golden rule to justify his anti-privacy rules on bathrooms. This is an important lesson for those of us who believe that reason actually matters.

Obviously, people abused scripture throughout history to justify many things. But upon further examination, those reasons melt away. Those who know nothing of Scripture like to use the Gospels direction to love one another as a way to enable any sexual licentiousness. Whenever any committed Christian identifies that scripture prohibits certain actions, liberals always scream that we have to love everyone. They say that the Bible compels us to do that regardless of anything else.

The golden rule is actually a summary of what the Old Testament says is a summarization of the Old Testament Law. That same law speaks over and over against sexual immorality, as does the New Testament. It also speaks against dressing like a different gender.

The New Testament reminds us that we need to be content with what we have. We should not spend much effort in trying to change our position. We should be focused on spreading the gospel instead. It will also follow that we need to except the gender and sex that we have been assigned. Obama seems ignorant of those facts.

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