85 percent of H.B. 2 protest petitions were from out-of-state

This story is a lesson for those who want to deceptively influence state politics through petitions. First, get your petition signers from anywhere, even from out-of-state. It doesn’t matter if the people signing the petition are actually under the law or not. Stuff your petitions with lots of signers from people unaffected by the law. As you can see in this example, almost all of the signers of the petition are from California. California? Why would petitions signed by Californians be presented to the North Carolina government? Since all you’re worried about is making an impression and using the media, it matters not whether there’s any substance to your petitions. Don’t worry . The media will not discover this and walk back their coverage.

Next, as you can see in the article, present your petitions in many boxes. It doesn’t matter if you have filled up those boxes or not. Some boxes can be empty. Again, it gives the impression that you have overwhelming numbers on your side. Again, don’t worry about whether the media will look to see if there are any petitions in the actual boxes.


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