From Life Saver to Life Taker: The Making of an Abortionist

I recently finished a book by a former abortion clinic worker entitled The Walls Are Talking by Abby Johnson. There have been many abortion clinic workers who have left that profession because their conscience would no longer allow them to do so. That book focused on how abortion clinic workers sometimes can work in that profession for years but very guilty conscience until one day they finally give in and leave.

The link below brings you to another story of a doctor who stops doing abortions. His conscience compelled him to do so. He encourages those in medicine who are pro-abortion to simply to observe an abortion. Then, come back and tell him what they think. He asks, if abortion is so great, why aren’t there more people doing abortions? Most of the readers of this blog know that it is because they know a life is being taken.

The original concern of the pro-life community was the child next, we realized that we have to focus on the women as well. Now, we know that we also have to focus on the abortion clinic worker also.

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