Jimmy Carter: Jesus would approve gay ‘marriage’ and some abortions (Video) | News | LifeSite

Every so often, some one will come along end make a statement that, if Jesus was around, he would’ve approved fill-in-the-blank. This makes the people that agree with that view feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh yes, they say, of course he would.

This is ridiculous, of course. Just because you associate and historical figure such as Jesus with something that is generally not associated with Jesus, does not make it something that Jesus would have approved of. This is a common trick that occurs when people are trying to convince you of the righteousness of something. They simply associate that activity with Jesus or some other favorable historical figure. By linking them together in a sentence, some people get in their mind that, well it must be true.

There are many things that Jesus didn’t talk about. He probably never talked about gay marriage because no one ever considered it at that time. It simply was not a consideration. Homosexuality was universally condemned at the time, and gay marriage didn’t make sense because it didn’t increase the population. And religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

Jimmy Carter is well known for being a religious person and a Christian. However, most people don’t realize that he was a liberal Christian. Concerning abortion, he had a litmus test for all judicial appointees. They all had to be pro-abortion. President Carter had a tendency to fit his religion around his politics than the other way around.


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