Transgender Gains De Facto Parent Rights in Spite of Divorce and No Biological Link

This appears to be another case of the judicial system twisting the law simply to try to satisfy the desires of the transgendered. In one of the oddest cases recently concerning parenting rights, the Maryland Court of Appeals decided to grant parenting rights to a transgendered individual. Michelle Conover was in a lesbian relationship with another woman. Before getting married, Michelle’s partner was artificially inseminated so they could have children. They later married and then we’re divorced. There is no biological relationship between Michelle and the child. Since the divorce, Michelle has decided to change herself into a man. Michelle now goes by Michael. However, Michael wants to have parenting rights for the child. Michelle was around this child for perhaps a year before the divorce. Since the divorce, Michelle has not seen this child. The child is now around six years old. Yet Michelle insists that she has the standing of a parent in that child’s eyes. The court decided to agree with Michelle. It’s hard to see how Michelle had any real influence in the life of the child since any parenting that may have occurred took place before the child could remember anything. Michelle never adopted the child during the marriage. And it’s hard to see how this is in the best interests of the child. Michelle has an unstable personal life . And there’s really hardly any personal history between the two. It all appears that this is just a number of judges trying to gain favor with the LGBT crowd.

And it also shows the tragedy that occurs when people turn against the design that God has for their lives by granting them their gender . This will not turn out well for either Michelle , her previous partner, or the child.

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