Parents accused in infant’s beating allowed visit before life support removed

This is a tragic and horrific situation. The parents, instead of loving and nurturing their little child, instead beat her severely. This put her in a situation where it is doubtful she would have much of a life. The parents, of course, have been arrested, but the damage has already been done. Situations such as these are always very difficult because it is simply difficult to face what this child may have to go through if she survives.

The state of Georgia made the decision for her . She is being removed from life support. These days, the term “removed from life support” means that they are also removing her from food and water via intravenous feeding. There is a difference between being allowed to die and causing someone to die. Being allowed to die means that you have removed any artificial life support such as medication. Causing someone to die means actually bringing about their death. They are starving and dehydrating this injured child to death. It is just the same as strangling or shooting a person. This is causing that person to die. There is no possibility that she could survive. It is simply a prolonged and agonizing way to die. Many people feel this is humane, but it is unjust to cause an innocent child like this to die simply because she has been so severely injured.

This is also a sanctity of design issue , because these parents were designed to be her parents. They were created to be a mother and father. However, they  reneged that responsibility when they beat her within an inch of her life.

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