The rise of the ‘relationship sabbatical’: Is it time to give your marriage a husband holiday?  | Daily Mail Online

So much for the concept of oneness. If you read about the primary couple that is mentioned here, it is clear that they each have family members not related to the other spouse. For for many remarried couples, perhaps this makes sense some of the time. However, if it is simply a matter of getting away from your spouse on a regular basis, perhaps that’s not such a good thing. We all know about husbands who sometimes want to get away for a day to go fishing. And wives may sometimes want a girls night out. However, deliberately spending extended periods of time away from each other is not healthy for a marriage.

We know that God designed us for marriage. That involves oneness. Sometimes, we need to learn to enjoy the things that our spouse enjoys as part of that oneness. We will always be somewhat separate simply because we are another individual, but we cannot ignore the fact that God created us to be one.

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