Lawsuit Challenges Federal Regulation Forcing Doctors to Provide Gender Transition Treatment for Children

Scientific studies have shown that approximately 80% of minors who experience same-sex attraction as a child no longer do so when they reach adulthood. So it stands to reason that any gender reassignment that takes place in childhood should be prohibited. In addition, great harm can be done to children when this irreversible surgery takes place. Besides the fact that it permanently changes one’s sexual organs, we know that the great majority of transsexual individuals become even more depressed after the surgery. Many attempts suicide and some succeed.

It’s unfortunate that the federal government and many well-meaning liberals have plunged ahead with promoting these surgeries to minors when there is so much to be concerned about.

Apparently, the government can allow teens to begin hormone replacement therapy without their parents knowledge. The first link shows that there are organizations who are suing the government over this program.

In the second link below, you will find a Minnesota mother who is suing the government because of this.

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