‘Fixer Upper’ stars under fire for attending ‘anti-gay’ church

The reason this couple is a success is due, in part, to the fact that they are Christians. And people who tune in know they will not be offended by the content. However, the perpetually offended Parnell witchhunt. You’re going after this couples show because they haven’t seen any homosexual couples on the show.

HGTV has had this problem for a while. Generally, the content is pretty benign. You just simply watch a couple getting a new house or a renovation. But once in a while , they will throw in an unmarried couple , or a gay couple. That’s when I turn off the show.

I also find this with other seemingly innocuous shelves. For instance, I sometimes watch Flash or Supergirl. There’s no swearing, and the violence is bloodless. And then, they’ll show something like a lesbian kiss. That’s when I turn off the show.

There’s definitely a push to try to make this normal for the American public. And there is a concerted effort to get networks in trouble if they don’t begin showing it that way. But there’s a significant part of the population that simply doesn’t want to see it at all.

The Gaines are in trouble here. It is possible that they will lose their show due to the incredible pressure of the perpetually offended. Yet, it is the Christian values that make everybody want to tune in.


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