The feminist movement simply won’t make room for pro-lifers

This is no news to those who been following this movement for a while. It is unfortunate that the movement for women’s rights has been almost completely co-opted by those who are pro-abortion. The worldview is that a woman is not truly equal unless she can trample on the human rights of a much smaller and weaker human being. It’s a tragedy that they continue in this manner. And they do everything to ignore the existence of humanity of that unborn child.

Once in a while, a group comes along that straddles the pro-life and feminist or liberal movements. There used to be pro-life Democrats. Those that have shrunk and are virtually nonexistent. There’ve been some pro-life liberals, but they are usually an oddity and rarely get any press. Here are some pro-life feminists. I don’t know if I would agree with everything else they believe in, but at least they have adopted a pro-life you. However, they are rejected by this “inconclusive” feminist group.

Straddling fences rarely get you anywhere.

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