Call Me ‘Mr. President’: Dozens of UMich Students Chose Ridiculous Titles as Their ‘Preferred Pronouns’ |Heat Street

Over the past few years, Facebook, some universities, and some other organizations began promoting the idea of selecting your own gender pronoun. Various pronoun choices have been floated, some which are difficult to recognize. Often, we are given the choice of selecting our own creative pronoun. Very few people took this seriously. Until now.

The University of Michigan now allow students to select their own preferred gender pronoun, and the results are predictable. Because this is complete social engineering, most of us just simply think it’s silly. See what some students practice their pronouns. There’s a lot of creativity there.

Sooner or later, HR departments everywhere are going to start doing the same. So I have already selected mine. My preferred gender pronoun is me/my/mine. Let’s see if anybody can have a meeting without referring to me.

Social engineering to attempt to recognize a group that is ill-defined and is statistically insignificant will result in this kind of silliness. It is best for us to simply recognize the genders that nature and our creator have assigned everyone.

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