Hail the Gender-Fluid Scouts?

It has been shown through surveys that 80% of children who identify as a different gender during childhood no longer do so as an adult. Thus, by accepting transgender children, the Boy Scouts are contributing to the mistreatment and even abuse of these children. But all of that seems to be lost on the culture at large. We can no longer allow children just to simply be children. And we have to allow them to be caught up in this propaganda.

I’m sorry to rant, but it’s important to point out that Trump is contributing to this mess. His Secretary of State, Tillerson, got the Boy Scouts on this road by getting them to accept homosexuality. It’s great to see Trump promoting pro-life values, but is also contributing to the acceptance of LGBT behavior. When you cheer him because he’s pro-life, remember that he also contributes to the other side of the equation. It certainly dampens my enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts or another organization I won’t be able to contribute to.


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