My message for Evangelical Christians: stop being silly, little wimps | Fox News

I recently talked to a pastor who was afraid to be outspoken on these things because he was concerned it might upset some of the people already in his church. He himself is pro-life, but he was afraid to say that the church is pro-life because there were Democratic activists who actively championed the pro abortion side. He was afraid to say that the church supported the sanctity of traditional marriage because there was a homosexual couple within the church. He refused to say anything to this couple when they held hands and had communion together. When challenged about this, he said he simply didn’t want to scare anyone away who still needed to be ministered to.

I’ve talked to Christian Millennials who did not want to say they were pro-life because they were afraid that there wasn’t enough concern about the women involved. This even though we have more pro-life clinics than abortion clinics in this country.

This is exactly the kind of thing that the author below is concerned about. Too many Christians are wimps.

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