How to Argue Like a Pro for the Pro-Life Position

I always need reminders of how to argue the pro-life position.

Recently, I was wearing my feet and a coworker asked me what that meant. I explained that that was the exact size and shape of the baby’s feet at 10 weeks inside will . She began talking about abortion immediately. I never brought it up. But she wanted to talk about it. She ranged over a wide variety of related topics. It was very difficult getting her just to focus on the humanity of the unborn. After several minutes, I was able to do so. However, she kept up an attack on my Christian beliefs.

I had to remind her that it was not my Christian believes, but the humanity of the unborn that we should be discussing. We had to continue that discussion at a later time. She understood about the humanity of the unborn. Like this article mentions, she said she was personally opposed to abortion but did not think she could allow the government to tell other people what they should do. I had to point out that truth is truth regardless of whether another person considers it to be so or not. The unborn child is human even if another person thinks it’s not the case. It’s obviously going to be a continuing discussion.

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