How the Obama Administration Turned Regulators Into the Speech Police

If you care about free speech, you should read this article. There are two threats here. One is from the government. The government has regulators in many different areas. In this story, one business is harassed by the USDA for posting comments about something the USDA does not regulate. However, the USDA took it upon themselves to let their inspectors regulate free speech within a company. Although this is a religious freedom issue, it is also a freedom of speech issue. People who agree with the governments intervention should still pause and think about this. Another government that has a different view on gay marriage could enforce speech in the opposite way. Government overreach can work both ways. And we need to oppose it wherever it occurs.

The other threat is when businesses gang up against another business to cause it to change a stance on an issue. In this case, it has to do with homosexual marriage. Yet this has nothing to do with what the business may actually be doing.

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