What they don’t like to tell you about Charlie Gard

Sad story Charlie card is unfortunately just one more story that we hear about the institutionalize taking of an innocent human life. There have been others across the years, but this one has target so many hearts because the victim is a baby. But none of the media like to focus on what will really happen to Charlie Gard. 

 He will not be allowed to remain in his current state , attached to a ventilator and provided with food and water until Charlie simply gives out. Instead, he will be disconnected from the ventilator, which he apparently needs. But he will also be denied food and water. This is intentionally meant to kill him. Anyone will die without food and water. I will die. You will die. And if you are completely dependent on someone else, and they stop feeding and hydrating you, then that person is taking your life.

 There have been other well-known euthanasia cases where this also occurred. No one wants you to know what happens when this takes place. Slow starvation and dehydration is painful. It brings lots of pain to that individual. It is not a dignified death. It is not merely slipping away into death. It is intentionally putting that person to death in a miserable way. Now that the courts are done with the Charlie Gard case, the cameras will disappear. We will only be informed when he is close to death , and then when he dies. 

 The courts and the hospital probably do not want the baby to be brought home because the parents would probably feed the baby. This might extend his life for some period of time. In addition, the parents would probably videotape the baby at various times. And that would only serve to make the courts in the hospital look bad. We can’t have that. 

 Unfortunately, Charlie won’t be the last one to die this way. This happens all the time in the Western world when people are “allowed to die “. They’re not being allowed anything. They’re just simply being killed. 

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