Celebrities who saved themselves for marriage 

It’s encouraging to know that these celebrities, some of whom are a listers, actually waited until marriage to have sex. That’s a very difficult thing to do in our society especially in the entertainment business. Heck, it’s even hard to tell your friends in high school that you plan to be a virgin until marriage. I should know. 

 But there’s a deeper issue here. Why should people care at all? Why would it even matter? If you believe that we are all just simply products of chance and matter, then why not do anything you want to at anytime? After all, nothing really matters , why not just live for ourselves? 

 Some of these are either Christian or come from a Christian background. Yet others chose to do so without any apparent Christian conviction. It shows that we all know that sex is not just a trivial matter. It’s deeply important and it needs to be reserved for the right time and right reason. Like marriage. 

 It’s good to know the conscience is not completely dead in Hollywood. 


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