Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men – But What about Muslim Attacks During Christmas?

In America during Christmas, Christians look forward to Christmas pageants, musicals, plays, midnight mass, and other special services. We dress up perhaps more than we do the rest of the year. We typically have more people visiting our churches than at any other time of the year. And, of course, there’s the anticipation of remembering the very first Christmas, when the Savior of the world became man.

But it’s not quite as great for Christians around the world, especially for those in Muslim majority countries. Christmas is a time when Christians are subject to more harassment and attacks.

Imagine your own church, decorated for Christmas. And then imagine it looking like this:

At least eight people were killed when two suicide bombers attacked a Pakistani church on Sunday, officials said.

This is what happened to a church in Pakistan. Two suicide bombers attacked this Methodist Church. One attacker was shot and killed outside the entrance, but the other one made it inside. He opened fire on the congregation, and detonated his suicide vest. Of the 400 people in the building, 9 were killed, and 57 were wounded.

This was just one of two example incidents that happened over the Christmas season.

The second one occurred just outside Cairo, Egypt on December 23. A mob of hundreds of Muslims stormed a Coptic church there, ransacking the place. Coptic Christians had been trying to get approval from the government for the church since 2016. A 2016 law was supposed to make it easier for churches to be approved, but government authorities often don’t give approval because they believe it will anger Muslim extremists. Here is a photo from the scene:

Christians constitute 10 percent of Egypt's mostly Muslim population. Followers of the religion are seen shouting slogans after a funeral service for victims of a bus attack in May (stock photo)

I encourage you to help out our brothers. I suggest the following:

  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in Muslim majority countries such as Pakistan and Egypt
  • Contribute money to help them. There are plenty of organizations that can do that, but I recommend Open Doors USA.
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