Transgender Army officer Hannah Winterbourne weds actor Jake Graf – who used to be a woman

This is the second story I’ve heard of two transgendered individuals who went through their “transition” and then fell in love with another trans of the opposite sex. 

It’s unfortunate that these individuals had to go through this in order to find someone to love. If only they had met before the transition, possibly they would have fallen in love with one another and also been able to have a family. 

There’s quite a bit of irony here, but it’s sad irony. Every man and woman finds themselves feeling inadequate in their role from time to time. But stepping into the roles of husband and wife, or even father and mother give us opportunities to grow. We learn how to fill those roles, even if it’s two steps forward and one step back. 

It’s too bad that people are being encouraged to reject themselves and seek a different identity. 

Especially when there’s a God who accepts us as we are, regardless of our faults and inadequacies.

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