Yet Another Unisex Bathroom Incident – This Time It Involves Exposure to a Child

A man exposed himself to a child in a women’s bathroom at a Chicago Target. Unfortunately, this by itself is not news – except for the fact that it was entirely avoidable. 

Because of our culture’s over-accommodation to the trans crowd, many businesses feel that they have to make their bathrooms open to anyone, regardless of sex. This is supposed to help the 0.02% of our population who might possibly feel they want to be in a different bathroom because they don’t want to live according to their biology. This endangers the much higher number of women and girls who don’t want the possibility of being flashed (or even assaulted) by a man in their restroom. 

In our society, we have people born with six fingers on one hand. It’s rare, but it happens. Yet no one is urging businesses to accommodate those people. Not even Target is making a six-fingered glove available. And six fingered people pose no threat to anyone. Yet boycotts and threats are sufficient to cause otherwise-sane people to allow men to go into women’s bathrooms. 

I have yet to hear of any trans who have been prevented by others from using a bathroom. Actually, if you’re a trans, all you have to do is go in a bathroom that would cause the least objection. You have options. 

We all want to be kind to other people, even those who have a lifestyle we may disagree with. But why does a very small part of the population have to cause a problem for a much larger part of our population – especially when they have options?

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