Another Attack on Chaplains and Ministers – With a New Twist

Here’s an interesting twist to the LGBT attacks on Christian ministers. In this case, there was a marriage retreat being run by a Southern Baptist chaplain. A homosexual married couple wanted to go. What do you do?

I could foresee how this could become even worse. What if a church allowed people to sign up for a marriage retreat, and the applicant could just list their spouse. The minister may not realize that this could be a homosexual couple coming to the marriage retreat until they got there, making for an awkward situation. 

Churches and ministers will need to be very careful about how they let people sign up for activities for married couples. (Come to think about it, this could already be an issue if two people come on a retreat, but they simply aren’t married.)

To the credit of the chaplain in the story, he actually tried to let another chaplain handle a retreat that the homosexual couple could attend. That certainly seems reasonable.

What doesn’t seem reasonable is that the Army is trying to discipline the chaplain for following his own beliefs and the beliefs of his denomination.

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