Book Ban? California Bill Would Target Christian Pastors, Bookstores | Todd Starnes

Leftists in California are so controlled by the Perpetually Offended that they feel they have to ban anything that disturbs the fantasy they have created. This bill working it’s way through the California legislature would not only attack religious freedom, but also freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 

One of the advocates of the bill explains why he supports this bill: 

“The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times,” Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said during debate on the legislation. “The science is clear. The claim that the First Amendment can be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct is a fallacious argument.”

This view of the freedom of speech runs counter to the traditional understanding of the amendment. With this view of freedom of speech, all one has to do to discount another person’s view is simply to claim that it’s untrue. That can only work in a dictatorial setting. 
We should oppose this bill and anything like it that pops up in other states.

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