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Anthony Hopkins says he doesn’t care if estranged daughter Abigail has kids or not | Fox News

Anthony Hopkins is a truly great actor. That being said, I have to say – and I mean this from the bottom of my heart – he’s a complete jerk.  In a recent interview Hopkins says that people get divorced … Continue reading

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One Year Later: How Trump’s Executive Order Protects Free Speech and Religious Liberty | The Stream

These were common sense regulations until the Perpetually Offended began bullying other Americans. Https://

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The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Hate-Mongering Scam

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a misnomer. It neither fights against poverty, nor does it try to uphold U.S. Law. The SPLC was once focused on helping black Americans to find equality and justice in our country. No more. … Continue reading

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Once Again, the Big Question: Can You Be Gay and Christian? | The Stream

Columnist Michael Brown takes a good look at this from a Christian viewpoint. I especially like his Biblical reference to how, even if we have lived in sexual sin, we are now freed from that.And it’s especially important to put … Continue reading

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After 580 Days in Prison, American Pastor’s Fate Remains Uncertain

After many years of having a measure of religious freedom in turkey, Christians, there are now facing a lot of persecution. Here is a north. Carolina pastor who has been in jail for years. The good thing is that our … Continue reading

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Phoenix stifles free speech and threatens livelihood of two courageous Christian women

Once again, Christians are threatened for their livelihood. The Perpetually Offended are attacking freedom of religion and won’t stop until all dissent is crushed.

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‘There’s No Other Explanation But God’: Teen Wakes Up After Doctors Declared Him Brain Dead | The Stream

Its stories like these that always concern me when doctors say that someone is brain dead. There have been many stories like these, where an individual suffers a severe injury or illness, goes into a non responsive state, and then … Continue reading

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When Pro Aborts Call the Pre-Born “a Baby”

Anyone who understands the science of how a baby is developed in the womb knows the reality of the humanity of the preborn child. For that reason, most people who understand this science are not in favor of abortion. There … Continue reading

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