When Pro Aborts Call the Pre-Born “a Baby”

Anyone who understands the science of how a baby is developed in the womb knows the reality of the humanity of the preborn child. For that reason, most people who understand this science are not in favor of abortion. There is very little to distinguish between that preborn child and us other than the amount of development that exists.

Much has been written about the comedian who spoke at the White House correspondence dinner. I don’t want to reiterate other comments about type of humor that she used. Instead, I want to draw attention to the fact that she called the preborn for what it truly is: “a baby”.

The terrible thing. Is that, Even though she knows it’s a baby and not just a clump of cells cup, she nevertheless finds it perfectly acceptable to have an abortion. We can all find some sympathy for those who still don’t understand the science and believe it’s okay to have an abortion for that that reason. But its reprehensible to actually know that it’s a baby and still flippantly say that abortion is okay. 

Many pro aborts do, in fact, know this. But they try to hide it by their comments. This comedian, however, simply spoke what most pro aborts already know: it’s a baby.


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