‘There’s No Other Explanation But God’: Teen Wakes Up After Doctors Declared Him Brain Dead | The Stream

Its stories like these that always concern me when doctors say that someone is brain dead. There have been many stories like these, where an individual suffers a severe injury or illness, goes into a non responsive state, and then becomes conscious again.

It has become commonplace when someone goes into a state of low brain activity to consider them already dead. Note in the story that the family was concerned that they weren’t being fair to the people who needed this child’s organs. I believe there is more and more of an urgency to end the lives of these unconscious people.

It’s also something that is not really talked about. It’s not considered polite to discuss whether unplugging someone from not really talked about. It’s not considered polite to discuss whether purposely ending the life of someone with low brain activity was really the right thing to do. Families are having to make this kind of decision all the time these days. Yet come as far back as the 1980s, it was considered something that you could not do.

It’s clear to me that we don’t really understand how a person might be able to recover for a situation like this. We don’t really understand what it means to be called brain dead. It’s actually a misnomer.


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