The Perpetually Offended Do It Again

Recently, John Stonestreet of the Colson Center has begun telling new graduates that soon the most important thing a Christian may have to do in his or her job is to be willing to be fired. In many places, in many jobs, it may be coming to that.

John Kluge, a teacher at Brownsburg High School in Indiana, has had to face just that possibility. He is a much teacher at the school, but is also a devout Christian and faculty sponsor of an after-school Bible study.

Now, he has been fired. And what was the reason? He failed to call transgender students by their preferred pronouns.

Horrors! I can’t think of anything worse! Oh the humanity!

The Alternate Reality of Transgenderism, as most of us know these days, involves someone denying their biological reality and declaring a different biological reality simply by waving a rainbow wand. (“I’m a guy now. Poof! Now, I’m a girl!”) It is not enough that other people believe this mess. It’s now important – no, imperative – that we all go along with this charade.

The funny thing is that we Christians are the ones who are told that we are believing in something (i.e., God) that can’t be proven. We aren’t living according to scientific observation. Yet, transgenders deny their own biology, which is observable science.

The reason we have to both accept and believe this is because the Perpetually Offended of the LGBT community will threaten others with financial ruin and death if they do not embrace this Unicorn Reality. If the threats weren’t pervasive and believable, we could just react to it like we react to the Flat Earth people. (“Oh, that’s nice. Now you run along and make some more tin foil hats.”)

What’s more, the threats have actually been transferred from the Perpetually Offended to Human Resources departments in major corporations. The LGBT community no longer have to call in threats against everyone who offends them. Now, they have gotten HR agents doing their bidding.

That’s what happened to Kluge. The school system told him that he had to change everything he knew about biology (as well as grammar), and start using made-up pronouns. The teacher discussed this with his pastor, and he finally realized he would be hurting those students if he went along with the lie. He tried to reach a compromise with the school. For a time, they seemed to agree that he could call students by their last names only. And then, they reneged. The Perpetually Offended couldn’t live with that.

So Kluge lost his job.

This is something that could happen to anyone. More and more, this gender pronoun nonsense is becoming reality in schools and the workplace. Anyone, Christian or not, could be affected by this. And most of us will simply duck our heads and roll with it. A few brave souls, hopefully a number of dedicated Christians, will take a stand. For truth. For freedom of speech. For reality.

We were told that greater acceptance of homosexuality wouldn’t hurt anyone. But there are florists, bakers, photographers, chaplains, fire chiefs, and now teachers, who would beg to differ.

It’s time to stand up to the Perpetually Offended.



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