Something We SHOULD Fix

After much internal deliberation, I have to say something about the subject of immigrant children who are detained and separated from their families.

I decided long ago that I needed to be focused on my Christian convictions first and foremost. I had to follow the direction that aligns with God’s Word, regardless of whether it puts me at odds with family, friends, or even political allies. But I have found myself often influenced in ways I dislike.

For instance, the child immigrant situation appears to be magnified by one political party simply as a way of attacking another political party. Why is this a crisis now? Why this crisis? What about other crises that involve many more human beings (like the 600,000 unborn children separated from their mothers and killed each year)? Most of the protests appear to be political in nature only because one side wants to stir up trouble for the other.

That may be true, but we Christians should be concerned about the preservation of the family. One of the 3 pillars I emphasize in this blog is the Sanctity of Design. It focuses on the fact that we were designed as male and female, intended to be used to procreate within the bonds of marriage, as the building blocks for the Church and community. Traditional family is definitely at the heart of the Sanctity of Design.

Note that this is a pro-family issue, not a pro-life issue. Calling it a “pro-life” issue is a canard, trying to blur the distinctions concerning the sanctity of life. Many leftists want the term “pro-life” to encompass health care, education, etc. – anything related to children. It’s best not to go down that road. This is not about the sanctity of life. No one is talking about killing children who are separated from their parents. That was another distraction for me.

Many Christian leaders have spoken out about the issue, some from the very beginning. The government should not be in the business of separating children from their parents. However, I need to give some caveats:

  • Of the 12,000 immigrant children who are in Federal custody, 10,000 of them came across the border. That means there are only about 2000 immigrant children that we are talking about.
  • Of the 2000 children who came across the border with adults, it is not clear that all of those are their parents. Some children could have been accompanied by guides who illegally brought them over. Others might be sex traffickers. The government should take the time to make sure those children are actually with their parents.

Nevertheless, I do want to add my voice, however late it may be, to the general principle that we don’t want to separate children from their parents. The good thing is that both sides agree on that. Now, we need to work together to fix it.

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