Who’s the Bully Here?

There are two photos below. Which one is the real bully?

The first photo is the Aaron and Melissa Klein family who owned the bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Here are their offenses:

  • They refused to participate in something that was against their deeply held religious beliefs: a homosexual wedding. They were asked by Rachel Cryer to design a cake to celebrate such a wedding.
  • They politely explained why their religious convictions prevented them from creating that specific kind of cake.
  • They had previously sold a cake to Cryer for her mother’s wedding.
  • Some people who support the Kleins tell Cryer and her spouse that they are fat and ugly.

Here’s the photo of the Kleins and their kids.


Next, we have Rachel Cryer and her spouse, Martha Bowman. Here are their offenses:

  • They brought a lawsuit against the Kleins
  • They asked for $150,000 in emotional damages
  • Forced the bakery to shut down because of the $135,000 awarded to Cryer and Bowman. This includes not only their business assets, but their personal assets as well.
  • Their lawsuit claims the following occurred as a result of the Kleins’ refusal to create their cake:
    • “acute loss of confidence”
    • “doubt”
    • “excessive sleep”
    • “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful”
    • “high blood pressure”
    • “impaired digestion”
    • “loss of appetite”
    • “migraine headaches”
    • “pale and sick at home after work”
    • “resumption of smoking habit”
    • “shock”
    • “stunned”
    • “surprise”
    • “uncertainty”
    • “weight gain”
    • “worry.”
  • Their allies have:
    • Sent death threats to the Kleins
    • Vandalized the Kleins’ vehicles
    • Broken into the Kleins’ house
  • A commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry, who brought the charges, said the Kleins needed to be “rehabilitated”.

Here are the lesbian couple.


The Masterpiece Cake ruling by the Supreme Court was very narrow and did not touch this case. It’s very clear that leftists are trying to do anything they can to crush anyone who does not want to celebrate their weddings. It’s not a matter of respecting one another, or of respecting another person’s religious freedom. It’s just a matter of attacking those who disagree and trying to destroy them personally.

Schools have been trying to teach kids against bullying. Since bullying has been around for a long time, I wonder if it was actually introduced in recent years because the LGBT community wanted to stigmatize anyone who spoke against homosexuality. Nevertheless, it is time to shine the bully light directly where it should go: against the Perpetually Offended LGBT community.

There are plenty of good Christian people who simply disagree with the concept of homosexual marriage. They should be allowed to run their lives and their businesses as they wish without being forced to participate in or celebrate those wedding.

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