When Do the Leftist Judges of SCOTUS Care About Freedom of Religion?

Recently, there have been three Supreme Court cases that focused on Freedom Of Religion:

  • Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission – Ruled in favor of a Christian baker who served a gay customer, but refused to enter into a legal contract to promote that customer’s gay wedding by decorating a wedding cake for them. It was ruled that the baker/defendant’s religious freedom was infringed upon when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission fined and penalized the baker. The 4 leftist judges ignored the defendant’s religious freedom.
  • Arlene’s Flowers v. State of Washington – When a florist refused to provide a floral arrangement for a gay wedding, the florist was also fined and penalized, similar to the Masterpiece decision. The Supreme Court vacated that lower court decision and instructed the lower court to render a new judgement based on the Masterpiece decision. This was also a Religious Freedom issue, but the 4 leftist judges again ignored the defendant’s Freedom of Religion.
  • NIFLA v. Becerra – In this case, the state of California tried to force pro-life clinics, which are typically run by Christian organization, to promote abortions in the literature of the clinics. The Supreme Court ruled that the Free Speech rights of those clinics could not be infringed upon by the state government. This was also a Freedom of Religion issue, but the 4 leftist judges again ignored the defendant’s Freedom of Religion.

The INTERESTING thing is a ruling that came after that. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump administration and their right to place restrictions on immigration. This would not normally be an item for me to write about. However, the 4 dissenting judges – the 4 leftists judges – dissented because of the “Freedom of Religion”. They said that Trump was actually against immigration and so was showing discrimination against Muslims.

It’s interesting that leftists only want to invoke the Freedom Of Religion when it suits them, not when Christians are facing real discrimination because of their long-held religious beliefs.


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