UCLA professor dies in ‘mummification’ ritual at Hollywood executive’s home | Fox News

This is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. 


BDSM is not a valid technique in enhancing human sexual relationships. It degrades. Instead of promoting equality and respect, it focuses on pain and denigration to allow someone to get sexual satisfaction. The Hollywood exec involved should be summarily cast ouf of show business there. 

That same individual should be charged with manslaughter. Even if it was inadvertent, it was caused by his actions. Wrapped in plastic wrap with just a few holes for air? That was clearly dangerous. The whole reason for doing it was because it was dangerous. That was their “high”, to flirt with the possibility of the victim’s death. Now, the perpetrator is shocked, shocked, that the victim died.

The authorities are not willing to charge the perpetrator with any crimes. Here is the fear factor at work again. They don’t want to anger the LGBT community, even though someone was killed. Shame, shame.

And the victim was a transgender/homosexual who was “married”, but nevertheless involved in a sexual relationship outside of their marriage. That is what LGBT marriage is like. Although they may be married for legal reasons, it is very typical for those marriages to allow sexual relationships outside the marriage. That is very different from traditional marriage, where it is generally accepted that sex is only within the bonds of marriage.

So many things wrong here. It is really disturbing that this is treated as nothing more than an unfortunate incident and will be forgotten tomorrow. 

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