Pastors Have Been Silent for Far Too Long


On the subject of homosexuality and same sex marriage, too many pastors have avoided the subject and simply don’t want to bring it up. They know it can bring a lot of unpleasant side effects, including Internet bullying, death threats, and protesters. See the recent column by Michael Brown. In it, he mentions the great backlash he has received for creating a video about why you can’t be gay and be a Christian.

Many times, it is because they don’t want to anger anyone in their congregation. I have known Bible-believing pastors who would not provide a stance on same sex marriage because there were active members of the church who were leftist activists, and they didn’t want to lose them.

Some pastors feel that they simply want to focus only on evangelism and not bring anything else into the picture. They feel that talking about current events would only muddy the waters for their congregation. That is a moral failure of the pastor. If there were those in the congregation doing drugs or watching porn, they would mention that. If a pastor is truly concerned about the moral and spiritual health of their members, they would speak up on any issue that members are struggling with.

And finally, it seems like too many pastors are simply scared. They know they can be physically and financially harmed by the Perpetually Offended of the Left, who typically resort to bullying if anyone disagrees with them on LGBT issues. These pastors need to look at the long history the Church has in speaking the truth, even when we risk persecution. Failure to do so now will only make things more difficult down the road.

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