Jack Phillips Wins!

Religious freedom has been under a lot of attack within the United States in recent years. In many ways, it has seemed like we were back on our heels and staggering. The Perpetually Offended in the LGBT crowd have been working overtime to try to entrap Christians, bankrupt their businesses, and compromise their faith.

And one of the most prominent court cases has been that of Jack Phillips, the Colorado cake baker who was sued for not baking and decorating a cake to commemorate a homosexual wedding. He argued that his Christian beliefs prevented him from promoting that message.

Jack Phillips has endured years of threats and pressure because of the case. It has hurt his business. But he would not compromise his faith. See this link for more information.

After all of the ups and downs throughout the years, the state of Colorado has finally decided to drop the case. From what I can see, it looks like Colorado realized the case was not winnable. They knew they would lose.

I’ve had my doubts over the year whether the First Amendment still meant anything. Whether it still protected Christians. Did the 200+ year old amendment matter more than a dubious anti-discrimination clause of only a few years?

At this point, it looks like the Constitution still matters.

Keep praying. We have plenty of other cases to resolve.

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