Supreme Court to Rule on EEOC Bullying Small Christian Business

Thomas Rost has run his Harris Funeral Homes for 50 years. Some of his employees are assigned to help grieving families plan and carry out their funerals. To that end, those employees are expected to wear a skirt suit if they are female or a regular suit if they are male.

One of his male employees came to Rost and declared that he was transitioning to a female and that he would now be wearing female clothes until he physically transitions. Rost, knowing that such a situation would only make matters worse with some grieving families. For that reason, Rost forbid that employee from dressing as a woman. As a result, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed two lawsuits against.

Rost, who is a Christian, has a deeply held belief that one cannot change one’s sex. In addition, the EEOC is attempting to change the language of non-discrimination laws to include “gender” in place of “sex”. This is not what the law says and is not what Congress voted on. It is merely EEOC’s attempt to force a Christian to abide to “politically correct” ideas about changing one’s sex/gender. A businessman cannot run his business according to what he “thinks” Congress meant the law to say.

The Supreme Court has decided to take up this case. It may cause SCOTUS to determine what Christian businesses can do determining their own deeply held beliefs.

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