Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Track Championship

This is another reason to oppose the so-called Equality Act. It doesn’t treat women fairly.

We already have laws on the books to pay women equally, to promote them equally, and to allow them into the same professions as men. It’s part of nondiscrimination clauses in practically every large business.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize differences between men and women when it is helpful to women, and one of those situations is in sports.

It is a biological fact that, on average, women are slightly smaller and weaker than men. Of course, there are exceptions, but we’re talking about averages here. And in most sports, the average man has an edge on the average woman.

Society recognized this long ago and allowed men to compete against other men, while women competed against other women. If a man competed against a woman in a very physical sport, it was not considered fair or polite. It was not considered gentlemanly for a man to compete with a woman when strength, height, or weight was a significant factor.

However, after decades of being told that men and women are absolutely equal and interchangeable in all things, we are told to close our eyes and let biological men compete against women, even if those men have taken on some feminine characteristics. We are allowing that in track, weight lifting, and other sports, and as biological men beat out women, we are willing to ignore that it wasn’t a fair competition in the first place.

This article from the Daily Caller shows one instance of a weight lifting organization that finally got the courage to prevent this in their competitions.

The so-called “Equality Act” put forward in the House of Representatives is supposed to be about helping LGBT individuals become “equal” to everyone else. Unfortunately, the misnamed bill is not about equality. One of the major problems is that it puts women athletes at a disadvantage in that it allows men who say they are in the process of transitioning to women to compete with women.

We already know the result of most, if not all, of those matches.

I am old enough to remember when female East German athletes tended to be heavily favored in most of their Olympics competitions. Most of the time, they won. It was suspected, and later proven, that they were taking testosterone to help them bulk up, gain muscle, and dominate women’s sports. If the Olympic Committee discovered that one of those East German women had been taking testosterone, those athletes would be severely penalized and possibly banned from competition.

Now, however, the new LGBT orthodoxy would reward athletes who are already men in their competition against women.

That’s not equality. That’s just preferential treatment.

It’s time to put a stop to the Equality Act and let women compete fairly.

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