The Brave and the Free

The LGBT community is a small one. Studies indicate it is about 1 – 2% of the population There are problems with that estimate, but let’s just accept it for now.

But not all of those who are LGBT are willing to step into the open. I don’t have any numbers for this estimate, but it’s probably much smaller than 2%.

And of that number, there aren’t that many who have left the LGBT lifestyle, turned to Christ, and are open about it. Those people are willing to go against political correctness, the prevailing culture, and possible hardship from the LGBT bullies who love to doxx people and get them fired. And there were 200 such ex-LGBT people who showed up in Washington D.C. on May 25 for a march, publicly showing that there is true life for those caught up in the LGBT lifestyle. It was deemed the Freedom March.

Read up on the March here:

Those in the LGBT community have a lot of physical and mental health issues. I say this not to ridicule them but to draw sympathy for them. The people in the Freedom March have gone through considerable peril to be a part of that event, and they deserve some attention. It wasn’t embracing their non-heterosexuality that improved their lives. It was accepting their lives as God intended.

I really hope that those who do not find fulfillment in their LGBT lifestyle will consider how many have found freedom in Christ. And hats off to those who have been willing to be a part of the Freedom March.


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