LGBT Uber Alles?

Equality is something very near and dear to the hearts of Americans. That, and clogged arteries. Nevertheless, there have been significant events in American history concerning equality:

  • Colonial Americans were tired of being treated as 2nd-class citizens concerning their taxes, so they started a Revolution and created a new nation.
  • In the mid-1800’s, a divided nation fought a war to outlaw slavery. Over 3.9 million black Americans were freed.
  • Women wanted the right to vote, same as the right men have, so they brought about passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women’s suffrage.
  • When I was 7 years old, my mother finally realized that for the last 6 months my sister had given herself more ice cream than me and “grounded” her for the next month. (Well it seemed like a big thing to me.)

Recently, a bill promoting yet more equality was introduced to Congress. You would think it would sail through Congress.

Or not.

Congresspersons love to assign a names to their bills that are designed to embarrass anyone who votes against them. For instance, they might have a bill that forces people to use paper straws and call it the “Save The Planet Act”, or give themselves a raise in a bill called the “Fair Wages Act”. I personally wonder if the more idealistic-sounding bills should require more public scrutiny.

So when I saw that the bill is called the “Equality Act”, I realized that I needed to look into it. It turns out that it is as forthright and honest as any of the following:

  • A caller claiming to be from the IRS says he needs your social security number to clear up a tax matter.
  • A Nigerian prince says he will give you millions of dollars if you will help him transfer his money to him.

The Equality Act:

would amend existing federal civil rights laws (including the Civil Rights Act of 1964) to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics, seeks to erase the understood binary definition of sex as male or female, and enshrine a new definition of sex that includes a person’s perception of his or herself – not the actual chromosomal DNA that identifies his or her true sex.

Most businesses in the country have already adopted language in their hiring practices that prohibits hiring and firing based on sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI). In fact, if you fire an LGBT person, expect a lawsuit, defamation, and loss of business.

That’s because the LGBT community has already gone beyond mere “equality”. They currently have a stranglehold over much of our society and are using the “Equality Act” to cement that. Consider what has already transpired in our culture:

  • LGBT activists demand that LGBT characters represent about 10% of the characters in movies and television shows, and the studios are giving in, even though they actually represent, at most, no more than 4% of our population.
  • Christians and church-goers, who represent much more than the LGBT community, are rarely shown in movies and television. It’s as if we don’t exist.
  • References to spouses in legal documents and forms are already being modified to accommodate same-sex spouses.
  • Medical services that are intended for individuals of one biological sex are now provided to individuals of the opposite biological sex, regardless of whether those services actually make sense. Those services drive up health care costs for everyone.
  • Transgenders demand the ability to use whatever gender bathroom they want, regardless of whether it’s in a public restroom, gym, or children’s bathroom or locker room. When separate facilities are provided to them, they scream “discrimination” because they don’t get to use the facilities they want. Heterosexuals don’t get the privilege of selecting which bathroom they want to use. And the privacy rights of non-transgenders are completely ignored because they always are secondary to the rights of transgenders.

Even though the LGBT community has already seen a great deal of acceptance in society, they now want to go further than that with the so-called Equality Act. This legislation, if passed into law, would mean that anyone can declare themselves a different gender at any time, resulting in:

  • Penalties and fines for Christian organizations that have always believed in traditional family and two separate biological sexes.
  • Men who compete against women in sports simply by declaring themselves females. Studies have shown that transgenders who take female hormones for a year still have a physical advantage over female athletes.
  • Transgenders may steal athletic scholarships from female athletes.
  • Transgenders who will compete with women-owned businesses for small business set-asides and grants.

This is no longer just about giving them “equality”. They have gone way beyond equality. They want preeminence over heterosexuals. And it seems like many organizations are only willing to get in line to give it to them, all simply to signal to others that they are “tolerant”. Be careful. Those activists often seem to turn on those who support them.

Dictators in the 20th century often would cry that their people were the subject of hatred and violence by other people they wanted to dominate. They would set up situations to make it look like they were being attacked. Then, they would issue proclamations that they had had enough and begin attacking those other groups. This would continue until they had complete domination over their enemies. They weren’t just looking for equality. They wanted to trample those they didn’t like.

That is exactly what is happening now in our culture.

Equality is one thing. Working to dominate others is a very different thing.

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