For Christians who are concerned about our culture, there are many issues we could on which we could focus. Some are large and some are trivial. Some are unifying and some are not. We have selected 3 primary issues to report on:

  • Sanctity of Life
  • Sanctity of Design
  • Religious Freedom

These issues or “pillars” are large, significant items that all Christians can agree on. We believe that these issues are “close to the Cross”, in that one does not need to make a number of mental jumps from Biblical theology in order to agree with them. There are a variety of other issues that may be very important, but we have selected these as the most important ones that Biblically-based Christians can agree upon.

We call these “pillars” because they uphold our culture. If these crumble and go away, our society suffers. Without respect for innocent human life, we become barbaric. Without respect for the biologic design for human gender and sexuality, we become decadent. Without the ability to freely express our Christianity in society, we lose purpose and hope.

We call all Biblically-based Christians to work together to uphold these pillars. We need to do this through education and action. Initially, we will focus primarily on education. Over time, we will emphasize more action.

These same 3 pillars are also the 3 primary issues of The Manhattan Declaration. This was an effort to bring together many different Christian organizations on issues we could agree on. If you haven’t seen it, you should read it, sign it, and forward it to as many of your Christian friends as possible to sign as well. It unifies us by bringing us together about these culture-moving issues.

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