Multiple Churches Vandalized in France

Since February 2019, 10 Catholic churches have been vandalized across France. Apparently this isn’t a trend the main stream media wants to report on. See this story.

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Supreme Court to Rule on EEOC Bullying Small Christian Business

Thomas Rost has run his Harris Funeral Homes for 50 years. Some of his employees are assigned to help grieving families plan and carry out their funerals. To that end, those employees are expected to wear a skirt suit if they are female or a regular suit if they are male.

One of his male employees came to Rost and declared that he was transitioning to a female and that he would now be wearing female clothes until he physically transitions. Rost, knowing that such a situation would only make matters worse with some grieving families. For that reason, Rost forbid that employee from dressing as a woman. As a result, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed two lawsuits against.

Rost, who is a Christian, has a deeply held belief that one cannot change one’s sex. In addition, the EEOC is attempting to change the language of non-discrimination laws to include “gender” in place of “sex”. This is not what the law says and is not what Congress voted on. It is merely EEOC’s attempt to force a Christian to abide to “politically correct” ideas about changing one’s sex/gender. A businessman cannot run his business according to what he “thinks” Congress meant the law to say.

The Supreme Court has decided to take up this case. It may cause SCOTUS to determine what Christian businesses can do determining their own deeply held beliefs.

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Jack Phillips Wins!

Religious freedom has been under a lot of attack within the United States in recent years. In many ways, it has seemed like we were back on our heels and staggering. The Perpetually Offended in the LGBT crowd have been working overtime to try to entrap Christians, bankrupt their businesses, and compromise their faith.

And one of the most prominent court cases has been that of Jack Phillips, the Colorado cake baker who was sued for not baking and decorating a cake to commemorate a homosexual wedding. He argued that his Christian beliefs prevented him from promoting that message.

Jack Phillips has endured years of threats and pressure because of the case. It has hurt his business. But he would not compromise his faith. See this link for more information.

After all of the ups and downs throughout the years, the state of Colorado has finally decided to drop the case. From what I can see, it looks like Colorado realized the case was not winnable. They knew they would lose.

I’ve had my doubts over the year whether the First Amendment still meant anything. Whether it still protected Christians. Did the 200+ year old amendment matter more than a dubious anti-discrimination clause of only a few years?

At this point, it looks like the Constitution still matters.

Keep praying. We have plenty of other cases to resolve.

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Yet Another Hoax by a Gay Rights Leader

Yet Another Hoax by a Gay Rights Leader

This Jackson, Mississippi gay rights leader actually burned down his own house with his 5 pets in it just to draw attention to what he was doing. Note that he was initially questioned, and there was plenty of reason to suspect him, yet they did nothing for 13 months. Just like in the Gosnell case, there were too many people who didn’t want to do anything about the crime and accuse the clear suspect because it had political overtones.

It seems like many left-leaning activists are creating their own assault hoaxes these days. And it all seems to be happening to try to stir up sympathy and support for their cause. It really says something about a movement when most of the assaults happen to be manufactured.

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WATCH: Abortion Provider Spars With Pro-Life Expert in University Debate

Two men faced off in a public debate. The abortion provider calls his career “doing God’s work,” while the other teaches on justice and the value of life.

Mike Adams did a bang-up job in his opening defense of the pro-life ethic. The abortion doctor simply was unprepared. He actually agrees that the unborn is a human life. Abortion doctors already know that, which is what makes what they do reprehensible.

We know the sanctity of life is on the right side of history. It’s only a matter of time.

Source: WATCH: Abortion Provider Spars With Pro-Life Expert in University Debate

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Poll: Dramatic Shift to Pro-Life Side Among Democrats and Young People

Source: Poll: Dramatic Shift to Pro-Life Side Among Democrats and Young People

This is a great thing! Pro-life sentiment appears to be growing. And it’s growing among Democrats. So why would the Democratic Party establishment be doubling down on their support for abortion? We can only hope this will propel more people into the pro-life cause.


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Miss Spain is Transgender?

The new Miss Spain is a transgender. Leftists will love it, but it does a real disservice to women. As is happening in women ‘s sports, phony women are displacing real women. Women are no longer allowed to represent themselves. They have to make way for men invading their space.

Isn’t that what they call “patriarchy”? Isn’t this a huge step backwards for women?

As long as there are many in our culture who refuse to deal with the reality of male -female differences, we will have this kind of result.

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How to Refuse the Unicorn Reality

The imaginary world of transgenderism is being pushed and shoved onto us all of the time. If you aren’t sure what to do, see this article on American Thinker. It’s a guide for how to push back. Sadly, I think many will simply give in because they feel they have no choice.

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Silencing Christian Lawyers

A new tactic has been adopted by the Perpetually Offended. This one will cause all lawyers to respect sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). The approach is to force state bar associations to change their nondiscrimination rules to accept Leftist SOGI ideals.

See this article from the Stream.

This will make it difficult for Christian lawyers, who oppose the LGBT agenda, from being recognized by the state bar. It would also restrict their speech in social activities where other lawyers are present. Christian legal organizations, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian Legal Society would be banned.

It’s clearly a free speech issue as well as a freedom of religion issue.

Pray and act, brethren.

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Pastors Have Been Silent for Far Too Long


On the subject of homosexuality and same sex marriage, too many pastors have avoided the subject and simply don’t want to bring it up. They know it can bring a lot of unpleasant side effects, including Internet bullying, death threats, and protesters. See the recent column by Michael Brown. In it, he mentions the great backlash he has received for creating a video about why you can’t be gay and be a Christian.

Many times, it is because they don’t want to anger anyone in their congregation. I have known Bible-believing pastors who would not provide a stance on same sex marriage because there were active members of the church who were leftist activists, and they didn’t want to lose them.

Some pastors feel that they simply want to focus only on evangelism and not bring anything else into the picture. They feel that talking about current events would only muddy the waters for their congregation. That is a moral failure of the pastor. If there were those in the congregation doing drugs or watching porn, they would mention that. If a pastor is truly concerned about the moral and spiritual health of their members, they would speak up on any issue that members are struggling with.

And finally, it seems like too many pastors are simply scared. They know they can be physically and financially harmed by the Perpetually Offended of the Left, who typically resort to bullying if anyone disagrees with them on LGBT issues. These pastors need to look at the long history the Church has in speaking the truth, even when we risk persecution. Failure to do so now will only make things more difficult down the road.

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