‘Transgender’ Tragedy and Media Malpractice

The death reported in this article is directly due to this woman’s attempt to become a man. We don’t know the long-term effects of flooding someone’s body with the hormones of the opposite sex. In this case , though, it was deadly.

This is another case of why we as Christians should speak out against gender transitioning. It is always because we love our neighbor. We don’t want them to go through this. They are hurting themselves and others.

This article also adds an interesting phrase. Whenever they talk about transitioning, they always add the phrase ” which is impossible “. It would be good to remember to say that.


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Coptic Christian attack: 10 of the 29 dead ID’d as children heading to monastery to pray | Fox News

ISIS continues it’s war on Christians, this time in Egypt against Coptic Christians. It is time for Christians everywhere, and those who stand for common decency, to stop Moslem extremism now.

Please give to Barnabas Aid or one of the other Christian aid societies.


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Islamic State-linked militants hold Christians hostage

The Islamist worldview is all about killing believers of other faiths.


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Claim: Unwanted children the “fundamental cause of climate change” | Watts Up With That?

Of course! Protecting unborn children causes climate change. And tighten the straps on your tinfoil hat…


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School: Offering to pray for a colleague is unacceptable | Fox News

It is unfortunate that too many people still view the “separation of church and state” as having more authority than the First Amendment freedom of religion.


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Students Sue Professor for Scrubbing Out Pro-Life Chalk Messages [VIDEO] | The Stream

Liberal America used to be the best in the free-speech. It no longer is.


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Jim Caviezel: ‘The Name of Jesus is Above All Else’ | The Stream

Jim Caviezel is a Chri actor in Hollywood. We know him from the movie called The Passion of Christ. He’s had to tread carefully because this Christian views, but he is managed to do some interesting movies and a good TV series. Yet, according to this article, he knows that he has had to pay a price for the fact that he is Christian. He knows that he is sometimes overlooked simply because of this fact. This should be a lesson to the rest of us who call on the name of Christ. We will have persecution, but we will also have some success if we are wise. Unfortunately, many of us as Christians have learned to keep silent. We have to learn to be genuine Christians in the midst of even mild persecution.


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Most children who identify as transgender are faking it, says ‘gender clinic’ psychiatrist – The College Fix

Please explain to me again why we’re doing this to her children? We are trying to get them to make life altering decisions at a very young age. We found that their affinity for one gender or another is not definitive when they are minors. We should not be shooting them with hormones when we don’t know their long-term effects on children. We should not be encouraging life altering surgery . The only reason this is even being considered is because the LGBT community has pushed this upon our society without regard for the individual children themselves.


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Elizabeth Hurley on putting Hollywood on hold for motherhood: ‘I don’t regret it for a moment’ | Fox News

This is the joy of parenting that God put in all of us.


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How the Obama Administration Turned Regulators Into the Speech Police

If you care about free speech, you should read this article. There are two threats here. One is from the government. The government has regulators in many different areas. In this story, one business is harassed by the USDA for posting comments about something the USDA does not regulate. However, the USDA took it upon themselves to let their inspectors regulate free speech within a company. Although this is a religious freedom issue, it is also a freedom of speech issue. People who agree with the governments intervention should still pause and think about this. Another government that has a different view on gay marriage could enforce speech in the opposite way. Government overreach can work both ways. And we need to oppose it wherever it occurs.

The other threat is when businesses gang up against another business to cause it to change a stance on an issue. In this case, it has to do with homosexual marriage. Yet this has nothing to do with what the business may actually be doing.


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