UCLA professor dies in ‘mummification’ ritual at Hollywood executive’s home | Fox News

This is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. 


BDSM is not a valid technique in enhancing human sexual relationships. It degrades. Instead of promoting equality and respect, it focuses on pain and denigration to allow someone to get sexual satisfaction. The Hollywood exec involved should be summarily cast ouf of show business there. 

That same individual should be charged with manslaughter. Even if it was inadvertent, it was caused by his actions. Wrapped in plastic wrap with just a few holes for air? That was clearly dangerous. The whole reason for doing it was because it was dangerous. That was their “high”, to flirt with the possibility of the victim’s death. Now, the perpetrator is shocked, shocked, that the victim died.

The authorities are not willing to charge the perpetrator with any crimes. Here is the fear factor at work again. They don’t want to anger the LGBT community, even though someone was killed. Shame, shame.

And the victim was a transgender/homosexual who was “married”, but nevertheless involved in a sexual relationship outside of their marriage. That is what LGBT marriage is like. Although they may be married for legal reasons, it is very typical for those marriages to allow sexual relationships outside the marriage. That is very different from traditional marriage, where it is generally accepted that sex is only within the bonds of marriage.

So many things wrong here. It is really disturbing that this is treated as nothing more than an unfortunate incident and will be forgotten tomorrow. 

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Trump Drops LGBT Lobbying Fest

The Obama administration did everything they could to push the LGBT lifestyle into the U.S. military, regardless of whether it was good for milliltary readiness and effectiveness. Thankfully, Trump is no longer promoting that at the Pentagon or at our military bases. 


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When Do the Leftist Judges of SCOTUS Care About Freedom of Religion?

Recently, there have been three Supreme Court cases that focused on Freedom Of Religion:

  • Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission – Ruled in favor of a Christian baker who served a gay customer, but refused to enter into a legal contract to promote that customer’s gay wedding by decorating a wedding cake for them. It was ruled that the baker/defendant’s religious freedom was infringed upon when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission fined and penalized the baker. The 4 leftist judges ignored the defendant’s religious freedom.
  • Arlene’s Flowers v. State of Washington – When a florist refused to provide a floral arrangement for a gay wedding, the florist was also fined and penalized, similar to the Masterpiece decision. The Supreme Court vacated that lower court decision and instructed the lower court to render a new judgement based on the Masterpiece decision. This was also a Religious Freedom issue, but the 4 leftist judges again ignored the defendant’s Freedom of Religion.
  • NIFLA v. Becerra – In this case, the state of California tried to force pro-life clinics, which are typically run by Christian organization, to promote abortions in the literature of the clinics. The Supreme Court ruled that the Free Speech rights of those clinics could not be infringed upon by the state government. This was also a Freedom of Religion issue, but the 4 leftist judges again ignored the defendant’s Freedom of Religion.

The INTERESTING thing is a ruling that came after that. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump administration and their right to place restrictions on immigration. This would not normally be an item for me to write about. However, the 4 dissenting judges – the 4 leftists judges – dissented because of the “Freedom of Religion”. They said that Trump was actually against immigration and so was showing discrimination against Muslims.

It’s interesting that leftists only want to invoke the Freedom Of Religion when it suits them, not when Christians are facing real discrimination because of their long-held religious beliefs.


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California Pro-Life Clinics Score Big Win at the Supreme Court

This week, the Supreme Court ruled that the state of California could not force pro-life clinics to print and publish pro-abortion speech dictated by the state. This is a big, big ruling in favor of the First Amendment.

Pro-aborts have long railed against pro-life laws passed in other states that required pro-abortion clinics to provide information about the abortion procedure. They figured that they could make pro-life clinics refer for abortions. That proved to be a false assumption. Abortion clinics can be told to provide information because individuals are being warned about a medical procedure. However, pro-life clinics cannot be told to promote abortion because they are not performing a medical procedure.

This was a win not only for Free Speech, but also for religious liberty, since most pro-life clinics are religious organizations.


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Who’s the Bully Here?

There are two photos below. Which one is the real bully?

The first photo is the Aaron and Melissa Klein family who owned the bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Here are their offenses:

  • They refused to participate in something that was against their deeply held religious beliefs: a homosexual wedding. They were asked by Rachel Cryer to design a cake to celebrate such a wedding.
  • They politely explained why their religious convictions prevented them from creating that specific kind of cake.
  • They had previously sold a cake to Cryer for her mother’s wedding.
  • Some people who support the Kleins tell Cryer and her spouse that they are fat and ugly.

Here’s the photo of the Kleins and their kids.


Next, we have Rachel Cryer and her spouse, Martha Bowman. Here are their offenses:

  • They brought a lawsuit against the Kleins
  • They asked for $150,000 in emotional damages
  • Forced the bakery to shut down because of the $135,000 awarded to Cryer and Bowman. This includes not only their business assets, but their personal assets as well.
  • Their lawsuit claims the following occurred as a result of the Kleins’ refusal to create their cake:
    • “acute loss of confidence”
    • “doubt”
    • “excessive sleep”
    • “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful”
    • “high blood pressure”
    • “impaired digestion”
    • “loss of appetite”
    • “migraine headaches”
    • “pale and sick at home after work”
    • “resumption of smoking habit”
    • “shock”
    • “stunned”
    • “surprise”
    • “uncertainty”
    • “weight gain”
    • “worry.”
  • Their allies have:
    • Sent death threats to the Kleins
    • Vandalized the Kleins’ vehicles
    • Broken into the Kleins’ house
  • A commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry, who brought the charges, said the Kleins needed to be “rehabilitated”.

Here are the lesbian couple.


The Masterpiece Cake ruling by the Supreme Court was very narrow and did not touch this case. It’s very clear that leftists are trying to do anything they can to crush anyone who does not want to celebrate their weddings. It’s not a matter of respecting one another, or of respecting another person’s religious freedom. It’s just a matter of attacking those who disagree and trying to destroy them personally.

Schools have been trying to teach kids against bullying. Since bullying has been around for a long time, I wonder if it was actually introduced in recent years because the LGBT community wanted to stigmatize anyone who spoke against homosexuality. Nevertheless, it is time to shine the bully light directly where it should go: against the Perpetually Offended LGBT community.

There are plenty of good Christian people who simply disagree with the concept of homosexual marriage. They should be allowed to run their lives and their businesses as they wish without being forced to participate in or celebrate those wedding.

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Something We SHOULD Fix

After much internal deliberation, I have to say something about the subject of immigrant children who are detained and separated from their families.

I decided long ago that I needed to be focused on my Christian convictions first and foremost. I had to follow the direction that aligns with God’s Word, regardless of whether it puts me at odds with family, friends, or even political allies. But I have found myself often influenced in ways I dislike.

For instance, the child immigrant situation appears to be magnified by one political party simply as a way of attacking another political party. Why is this a crisis now? Why this crisis? What about other crises that involve many more human beings (like the 600,000 unborn children separated from their mothers and killed each year)? Most of the protests appear to be political in nature only because one side wants to stir up trouble for the other.

That may be true, but we Christians should be concerned about the preservation of the family. One of the 3 pillars I emphasize in this blog is the Sanctity of Design. It focuses on the fact that we were designed as male and female, intended to be used to procreate within the bonds of marriage, as the building blocks for the Church and community. Traditional family is definitely at the heart of the Sanctity of Design.

Note that this is a pro-family issue, not a pro-life issue. Calling it a “pro-life” issue is a canard, trying to blur the distinctions concerning the sanctity of life. Many leftists want the term “pro-life” to encompass health care, education, etc. – anything related to children. It’s best not to go down that road. This is not about the sanctity of life. No one is talking about killing children who are separated from their parents. That was another distraction for me.

Many Christian leaders have spoken out about the issue, some from the very beginning. The government should not be in the business of separating children from their parents. However, I need to give some caveats:

  • Of the 12,000 immigrant children who are in Federal custody, 10,000 of them came across the border. That means there are only about 2000 immigrant children that we are talking about.
  • Of the 2000 children who came across the border with adults, it is not clear that all of those are their parents. Some children could have been accompanied by guides who illegally brought them over. Others might be sex traffickers. The government should take the time to make sure those children are actually with their parents.

Nevertheless, I do want to add my voice, however late it may be, to the general principle that we don’t want to separate children from their parents. The good thing is that both sides agree on that. Now, we need to work together to fix it.

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The Perpetually Offended Do It Again

Recently, John Stonestreet of the Colson Center has begun telling new graduates that soon the most important thing a Christian may have to do in his or her job is to be willing to be fired. In many places, in many jobs, it may be coming to that.

John Kluge, a teacher at Brownsburg High School in Indiana, has had to face just that possibility. He is a much teacher at the school, but is also a devout Christian and faculty sponsor of an after-school Bible study.

Now, he has been fired. And what was the reason? He failed to call transgender students by their preferred pronouns.

Horrors! I can’t think of anything worse! Oh the humanity!

The Alternate Reality of Transgenderism, as most of us know these days, involves someone denying their biological reality and declaring a different biological reality simply by waving a rainbow wand. (“I’m a guy now. Poof! Now, I’m a girl!”) It is not enough that other people believe this mess. It’s now important – no, imperative – that we all go along with this charade.

The funny thing is that we Christians are the ones who are told that we are believing in something (i.e., God) that can’t be proven. We aren’t living according to scientific observation. Yet, transgenders deny their own biology, which is observable science.

The reason we have to both accept and believe this is because the Perpetually Offended of the LGBT community will threaten others with financial ruin and death if they do not embrace this Unicorn Reality. If the threats weren’t pervasive and believable, we could just react to it like we react to the Flat Earth people. (“Oh, that’s nice. Now you run along and make some more tin foil hats.”)

What’s more, the threats have actually been transferred from the Perpetually Offended to Human Resources departments in major corporations. The LGBT community no longer have to call in threats against everyone who offends them. Now, they have gotten HR agents doing their bidding.

That’s what happened to Kluge. The school system told him that he had to change everything he knew about biology (as well as grammar), and start using made-up pronouns. The teacher discussed this with his pastor, and he finally realized he would be hurting those students if he went along with the lie. He tried to reach a compromise with the school. For a time, they seemed to agree that he could call students by their last names only. And then, they reneged. The Perpetually Offended couldn’t live with that.

So Kluge lost his job.

This is something that could happen to anyone. More and more, this gender pronoun nonsense is becoming reality in schools and the workplace. Anyone, Christian or not, could be affected by this. And most of us will simply duck our heads and roll with it. A few brave souls, hopefully a number of dedicated Christians, will take a stand. For truth. For freedom of speech. For reality.

We were told that greater acceptance of homosexuality wouldn’t hurt anyone. But there are florists, bakers, photographers, chaplains, fire chiefs, and now teachers, who would beg to differ.

It’s time to stand up to the Perpetually Offended.



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In Bad Taste

Defying general cultural norms and good taste, the Minister of Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina went to an art exhibit where a large cake was being served. That, in itself, was not distasteful, but the actual cake was. It was a life-sized replica of the crucified body of Christ.

The artistic world loves to do things that are shocking. They adore doing things that will rile anyone who is a Christian, or has traditional values, or simply has values of any kind. Often, the only “values” that cutting edge artists have are to be iconoclastic. If you stand for anything, then they want to disgrace it and ridicule it.

In other words, “I’m an artist. I don’t care what you stand for. I can paint against it, create music that mocks it, or spray graffiti all over it. That’s cool. That’s what we do.”

This is basically an ideological way to wage war against what others believe. It’s the artistic version of violence.

And at the same time, many in that community would speak adoringly of people who stand for peace and pacifism. How does that actually match up?

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Sweet Victory for Jack Phillips!

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 yesterday (you heard that right, seven to two) in favor of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who refused to be forced to support a gay wedding. The ruling is narrow and may not affect other such cases against Christians who are trying to exercise their religious freedom and free speech rights.

The Good

The good thing is that Phillips was rewarded for keeping his head in this entire affair. He responded graciously to a gay couple who asked him to provide a wedding cake for their wedding by offering anything else in his shop and referring them to other bakers. This is a friendly, but firm, approach that Christians should adopt everywhere if they are faced with such a challenge to their faith. This was Jack Phillips at his best.

In contrast, the Colorado Human Rights Commission not only brought charges against Phillips, but at least one member of the Commission chose to completely ignore Phillips’ faith concerning the charge. This individual made disparaging remarks about Phillips and his faith. This seems to have been what turned the case into a victory for Phillips.

The Perpetually Offended members of the LGBT community treat Christians as if we are the most hated people on earth. They seek to not only make themselves “uber-equal”, but they want to destroy anyone who has a different opinion.

The good/great thing about this ruling is that God answered the prayers of many Christians in this case, plus the fact that Jack Phillips reasoned, wise, and charitable response to his accusers lead to a favorable ruling.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this does not end the attacks on Christians and their livelihood in the wedding business. Of course, we were told that LGBT members only wanted equality of marriage, and that same sex marriage wouldn’t hurt anyone. Anyone, that is, except Christian bakers, Christian florists, Christian photographers, pastors, and anyone else who holds a Biblical view of marriage.

I hope I am wrong, but I truly expect the Perpetually Offended to try to bait even more Christians into legal cases such as these. They will send people out to try to catch Christians being themselves and bringing them to court to silence them.

I also hope I am wrong, but I expect attacks on Phillips and his bakery to continue. He will probably continue to get death threats and a new cry to boycott his business.

The Ugly

This is LGBT Pride Month. This is the month when gays, lesbians, etc. hold their parades to show everyone who they are. Expect an even greater display at these events.

This is the month when employers who are desperate to appear cool and compassionate will have LGBT celebrations in their companies. They will be pressured to speak out and take a stand on the Phillips ruling, alienating Christians that work there.

This is also the month that liberal media establishments will feel compelled to participate in celebrating the LGBT community. We can expect to hear lectures about how good it is to recognize someone for how they have sex. Or something like that.

The Pretty

Lastly, Christians will still be challenged to stand up for their beliefs. Kudos to a professional woman’s soccer player in the U.S. who decided not to play two games for the U.S. women’s team because she would have to wear an LGBT Pride-themed jersey. Hinkle converted to Christianity years ago during a personal crisis, and she told God she would serve Him if he healed her. He did, and she did. She takes her faith seriously. She knows that making this decision may very well hurt her professional career. She knows that other players may attempt to injure her, or coaches may refuse to play her. Yes, she’s made the decision to follow God. She didn’t make a big thing about it.

We should applaud believers like Hinkle and Phillips who refuse to compromise their faith in the face of true opposition. As fellow Christians, we should be prepared to follow Christ into trials as well. Paul says as much in 1 Thessalonians 3:3b concerning trials:

“For you know quite well that we were destined for them.”

Let us take heart in knowing that the same God who protected Phillips and continues to let Hinkle play soccer can also help us in our endeavors as Christians.



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Anthony Hopkins says he doesn’t care if estranged daughter Abigail has kids or not | Fox News

Anthony Hopkins is a truly great actor. That being said, I have to say – and I mean this from the bottom of my heart – he’s a complete jerk. 

In a recent interview Hopkins says that people get divorced and remarry and move on all the time, so he doesn’t really care about his only daughter. This is the sad legacy of thinking that goes with some people who have gone through divorce and allowed it to blunt natural feelings for family. Another worldview change care of no fault divorce.


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