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Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Track Championship

This is another reason to oppose the so-called Equality Act. It doesn’t treat women fairly. We already have laws on the books to pay women equally, to promote them equally, and to allow them into the same professions as men. … Continue reading

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Catholic Bishops: Don’t Let Biological Males Participate as Girls in Girls’ Sports

This only makes sense, but not to the gender-disoriented media. I wonder what will happen when biological females fail to make the football team? http://m.cnsnews.com/news/article/lauretta-brown/nebraska-bishops-warn-against-harmful-and-deceptive-gender-ideology

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Equal in every way?

This is typical of the muddled thinking we have an honors Society on this issue. We want to treat people equally , especially the two genders. But are they actually ” equal in every possible way “, as mentioned by … Continue reading

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