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Students Sue Professor for Scrubbing Out Pro-Life Chalk Messages [VIDEO] | The Stream

Liberal America used to be the best in the free-speech. It no longer is. https://stream.org/students-sue-professor-for-scrubbing-out-pro-life-chalk-messages-video/ Advertisements

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College boots ex-Delta Force hero after complaint from LGBT activists

Interesting that he never said anything about the LGBT crowd. Nevertheless, because he said something they thought was about them, he had to go. The Perpetually Offended have effective Internet trolls. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/05/20/college-boots-ex-delta-force-hero-after-complaint-from-lgbt-activists.html

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Governor vetoes bill permitting use of Bible in schooling


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Egypt sentences Christian teens to jail for contempt of Islam

It is interesting that the law says you can’t insult Christianity either, but you never hear about any such changes. Stupid posts to the Internet by teens can cause a lot of trouble in the US, but it’s much worse … Continue reading

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Colo. School Commits Act of Cowardice and Religious Hostility, Bans Football Players’ Nameplates

Another ridiculous example of being overzealous concerning not displaying any religious views in public. http://cnsnews.com/commentary/tyson-langhofer/colo-school-commits-act-cowardice-and-religious-hostility-bans-football

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NASA bans the word ‘Jesus’

As you will read here, banning the word Jesus came suddenly unexpectedly and without warning. It was as if it is not been done before . Obviously, there are new people who are exerting their control over speech in the … Continue reading

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Dare Egypt’s new Parliament amend or even abolish its blasphemy law?

These laws are used in Muslim countries everywhere to keep Christians under control. It also belies the claim that Muslims respect Christians, since such charges often are brought forward with no evidence whatsoever. https://www.worldwatchmonitor.org/2016/01/4211162/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Dare+Egypt+s+new+Parliament+amend+or+even+abolish+its+blasphemy+law%3F&utm_campaign=Dare+Egypt+s+new+Parliament+amend+or+even+abolish+its+blasphemy+law%3F

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‘Islam is Satantic’: Pastor Found Not Guilty of ‘Grossly Offensive’ Remarks About Islam

It is good that he got off this time. I doubt this will always be the case. http://m.cnsnews.com/blog/mark-judge/islam-satantic-pastor-found-not-guilty-grossly-offensive-remarks-about-islam

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Harvard Professor And Physician Loses Medical Job For Voicing Objections to LGBT Practices

Dissent is no longer tolerated. Wonder when he will be sent to reeducation gulag training? http://www.weaselzippers.us/248521-harvard-professor-and-physician-loses-medical-job-for-voicing-objections-to-lgbt-practices/

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